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Sloppy Science

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Sloppy Science

I’ve known for a long time, people have different subjective preferences. Some people like pie. Some prefer cake. Others like veggies. This summer, those diverse enthusiasms became the basis for a series of letterpress prints offered on Kickstarter.


That project gave me an opportunity to collect some data about the exact nature of those enthusiasms. I asked sponsors what their enthusiasms were and got my first opportunity to create a pie pie chart.

It turns out the purists who committed to only one favorite are nearly balanced between pie and cake with broccoli a distant third. But the people who indicated enthusiasm for multiple foods indicated a mild willingness to eat broccoli—perhaps after the pie or cake is gone.

Is this real science? I doubt it. Critics will be quick to point out flaws in my scientific method. My research, like so many scientific studies, seems to show the obvious. 

Headline: Study Shows People Like Food.


By the way, there are a few of these limited-edition prints available here. These rare collectibles are signed, numbered, and matted—ready to frame. Makes great gifts for your omnivore friends.

Pittsburgh, August 30, 2019


PS: If you want to learn more about the origins of this project, I suggest this previous blog.

Comments on this post (5)

  • Mar 16, 2020

    I thought they were holding onto lamps! Which I thought was funny and ridiculous! I prefer lamps to signs. Lol

    — April

  • Sep 03, 2019

    Please produce a print of the pie chart with the little sign people – it exactly details the absurdity of any election… “I dig pie”.

    — Jason

  • Sep 01, 2019

    I too would be interested in pie baking pan. And please ask Lisa where I can find some broccoli ice cream ? – Lew

    — Lewis Schiller

  • Aug 31, 2019

    Does this mean you’re considering creating a pie dish? Hope so :)

    — Marla

  • Aug 30, 2019

    Data Science @ it’s best! Perhaps all of the omnivores just opt for ice cream, since you can add almost anything to it 🤣

    — Lisa

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