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Why people like Sasquatch

Sasquatch is almost everyone’s favorite cryptozoological marvel. That’s because he possesses qualities other elusive creatures cannot match. Let’s look at three of them.

1. All natural. Sasquatch is the original nature boy. He lives in the wild and eats nuts and berries (mostly). He has resisted the attractions of urban living. You never see him in restaurants. Fashion holds no appeal for Sasquatch. Not even the practical utility of t-shirts have seduced the hairy beast. His commitment to natural living is an example and an inspiration to all of us who feel that nature has been pushed too far from the center of our lives.

2.Charismatic. Naturally, most cryptozoological entities are a little introverted and shy. But Sasquatch has an approachable charm that creatures with horns, claws, tentacles, armor, and leathery bat wings cannot easily match. When asked which cryptozoological marvel people would prefer to have as roommates, people consistently reject blood-sucking carnivores and creatures with venom or saber teeth. 


Experts understand that bar charts add a sheen of science to subjective opinions.


3. Humanoid. Sasquatch looks like the human beings you grew up with. He looks like people you know. There was probably someone sitting in the back row of your English class who reminded you of Sasquatch. He stands upright and walks with a bipedal gait not the awkward waddling of a bear or the graceless sway of a gorilla. You glimpse people at the mall who walk like Sasquatch. 

Despite all the problems people cause, we all still tend to like what we’re familiar with.

Conclusion: A dinner plate with Sasquatch on it could easily become your favorite. Please consider supporting the Jogging Sasquatch Kickstarter project before it closes on June 24. Thanks.


4 Responses

Loretta Scott

November 26, 2020

Love your art! Is it possible that your charisma chart will beco.e a t-shirt?

Kimberly Bringe

June 23, 2016

Finally, scientific chart-bearing proof that Sasquatch is the most charismatic cryptoid…despite smelling like rotten eggs!

Chris Rodriguez

June 23, 2016

I hope we’re going to see more of those bar chart creatures on porcelain, t-shirts or bandanas!

Michael Yolch

June 23, 2016

Pinpointing the specific reasons that Bigfoot is such a cryptozoological marvel has always eluded me. Don Moyer has FINALLY put my mind at ease with 3 simple points and a charisma chart. Thank you, Don!

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