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Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins
Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins
Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins
Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins
Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins

Sketchbook Puzzle 2: Evil Twins

$ 24.00 $ 16.00

Sold out. More puzzle designs are coming but this one will become a rare collectable.
Two puzzles in one. First, assemble the jigsaw puzzle containing a crowd of 300 faces from Don’s sketchbooks. Then, try to find the twins, clones, look-alikes, and doppelgängers. A face index PDF is available for download so you can check your work.
750-piece jigsaw puzzle. When finished, it will measure 18" x 24" (45 cm x 60 cm). Comes in a sturdy box with a color cheat sheet and a BONUS 100-piece warm-up puzzle. Pieces are special, high-grade puzzle board imported from Holland. Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as a Kickstarter project in November 2016. Made in USA. 
CAUTION: Choking hazard from small parts. Not suitable for small children or adults who lack common sense.


Why a jigsaw puzzle? Puzzles are great because you can do them alone or with others. You get to set the pace. You can do the whole puzzle in one marathon session or drag the effort out over weeks. Solving a puzzle sharpens your cognitive skills and helps you learn to focus on details. Snapping a puzzle piece into position feels good and probably releases a flood of endorphins. How nice. And jigsaw puzzles don’t require any batteries, instruction manuals, or wifi.

What makes a puzzle great? I designed the Evil Twins puzzle to give you abundant colors, beguiling details, and mild mystery. It’s loaded with clues to help make solving the puzzle easier. But half of the clues are misleading duplicates. If the puzzle seems easy, try doing it without referring to the cheat sheet. Or fold the cheat sheet in half and only refer to one side.

Customer Reviews

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Crazy Fun!

I loved doing this puzzle! Not only was it a fun challenge but it was also super fun to see the different faces come to life. I didn't refer to the cheat sheet, which to me is ...well, cheating. My friends who came to visit were quite intrigued and it was hard pulling them away once they put in a few pieces. I'd love a bigger one next time.

750 pieces of joy

I wish there were more Calamityware puzzles. When we get together for the holidays or whenever we set up a puzzle. This puzzle was voted favorite ever, despite having fewer pieces than what we usually do.


I hadn't done a jig saw puzzle for years, but being a Calamityware fan, I decided to give this a go. So, I cleared off the dining room table and it was a blast. The twins and dopplegangers will drive you nuts. And the donuts! I have to admit that I didn't find all the edge pieces until almost the very end, so of course I must have looked at them multitudes of times and just didn't "see" the edge. What's with that?

After several days, I finally finished it at 4am. I had been posting my progress on Facebook, and friends were impressed. Thank Goodness, a cheat sheet was included; I don't think I would have been able to solve without it.

The included Bonus Puzzle, however, did not have a Cheat Sheet, and it was a bit perplexing (only two colors) until I figured it out and started in on it. Fun, too! I did both during a very rainy and dismal week, they were perfect and I highly recommend.

Perfect gift...

...for evil sister to give to annoying brother. Mwahahahaha!

Definitely a challenge

Since I refuse to work from the box image, this one took a while to get into the groove. Made me appreciate Don's attention to detail all the more. Some guests in the house tried to help, but didn't last long. This is just my kind of puzzle!

What’s Not to Love?

Many family members worked on this fantastic puzzle. A ton of fun, challenging, unique, and very captivating. Will definitely do this one again! Looking forward to another great puzzle!

Need/love it...

cannot wait to get this...2 for the price of one...cannot buy these at "dollar tree"...fantastic...

Challenging, but fair!

Extremely challenging, I had to follow the sheet but loved doing it. The pieces are high quality and the puzzle is different from any other I've ever played. I loved supporting your efforts!