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$ 24.00

Some of Don's favorite patterns and drawings digitally printed on white card stock. Each package includes twelve identical 5-1/2" X 4-1/4" folded notecards.  Blank inside so you can write your own message. Twelve matching white envelopes included. Comes in a clear gift box.

Available designs are:

Bats get mixed reviews. In China they signal enormous good luck. In the West, bats are linked with darkness, malevolence, witchcraft, vampires, evil, and death. The pattern on these notecards is from Don Moyer’s sketchbook, where there is ample evidence the artist has bats in his belfry.

Demon Bears
Don’t you wish you had an army of loyal and obedient demons to do your errands? Wouldn’t it be great to hand your to-do list to your hoard and watch them fly off? (As always, the problem is getting them back inside the bottle.) Your demon hoard is the theme of these notecards—from the patterned endpapers of Don Moyer’s book, Monster Etiquette.

How Many Dragons?
These notecards are a reminder of the ancient philosophical puzzle. If your cookies are guarded by your dragons, what will prevent your dragons from eating your cookies? More dragons? While you try to figure out this timeless riddle, maybe you should concentrate on baking more cookies.

Sea Monster Jamboree
Humans have a tendency to fill up the unknown with monsters. A famous example is the sea monsters that enliven the wild places on early Renaissance maps. These notecards, loaded with cryptozoological marvels, are an over-the-top example based on Don Moyer’s limited-edition, letterpress print.

Strawberry Thieves
Talented Victorian designer, William Morris, created hundreds of beautiful patterns but, sadly, all these designs were missing one vital ingredient—dinosaurs. We’ve fixed that problem. Here is Don Moyer’s parody of one of Bill’s patterns from 1851—now with all the dinosaurs you could ever want. This pattern also appears on a long scarf, square scarf, necktie and pocket square.

Things Could Be Worse
We lose our keys. We lose our job. We lose our superpowers. But things could probably be worse. We could be plagued by pterodactyls, pursued by giant robots, or pestered by zombie poodles. These notecards, inspired by Don Moyer’s drawings of a discombobulated, blue-willow paradise, are a reminder to smile despite set backs.

Zombie Poodles
Poodles are rambunctious. Zombies are a curse.
It’s clear that zombie poodles have got to be the worst.

Sinister poodles have appeared in Don Moyer’s sketchbook for more than 10 years. So it was inevitable that prancing poodles would become a pattern for textiles and notecards.

Customer Reviews

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My suggestion

Just a suggestion....I would buy many of these to give as gifts if it were an assortment of four or six (preferably six) different designs in a box. As it is I can buy them separately and mix them myself, but others may not feel so inclined. Needless to say, the designs are awesome.

Love these cards

So one of my knitting buddies kept sharing links to a company called “Calamityware.” As one usually does, I ignored the links for a good long time. Then I took a closer look at the pictures. Hello? Flying bat monkeys? Flying UFO, ,Pterodactyl, pirate ships and so forth. Holy moly, color me hooked!!

My first set of note cards were the “Things Could Be Worse.” OMG, so freakin’ funny. This one has a giant robot, UFOs, a pirate ship and a few other surprising items to show that indeed, things could be worse. At least I still have my knitting super power.

It doesn’t hurt that the card stock is really nice, too.

Here’s the only problem with Calamityware. Just like potato chips or chocolate, you can’t stop at just one. I am now the happy owner of 5 sets of notecards.

Please join me on your own Calamityware journey to the fun side.

Perfect people who live in states with craptastic weather

I've loved you since I pledged for my first set of mugs to complement my blue willow and blue danube wedding china. Since I really don't need anymore tableware I've moved on to notecards! Beautiful and weighty, I bought the "Things Could Be Worse" design: worse than a blzzard? or a polar vortex cold spell? or another year of above average snowfall? I can gripe about it here.
Actually, in my case, these should be called "Things Are Looking Up"... Thanks for a great and beautiful set of cards! Highly recommend!

The perfect touch

I think with the current events people are going to return to the practice of sending note cards to family/special friends. That's my $0.02 anyway. I already have mugs, cups and tea set that I enjoy. With the note cards I can share these great designs with a special friend of mine who has the same sense of humor. I know she appreciates these illustrations as much as I do!

Hard to Choose

I got 'Things Could be Worse' but will definitely be buying more of all the designs for thank you's, or just to write and catch up. The print quality and paper weight are great and the detail is spot on!

High quality cards you would be proud to send describing your own calamities

I have purchased some of his previous sets. High quality paper that takes our inked woes down for posterity. I will definitely buy the Things Could Be Worse ones. These remind me of my all-time favorite greeting cards from a Far Side cartoon of a crisis clinic on fire being carried away by raging water towards a looming cliff. Sometimes our lives are like that and we need an appropriate Calamity card to express it.

Batty Bandannas

Please consider creating BATTY BANDANNAS so I can use them as napkins for the Passover set I am putting together for my grandchildren. Next purchase: FLY shallow bowls for matzo ball soup!
Thank you ever so.

Unique cards

Can’t wait to use them. I know who I will send them to


I bought several of these. They are nicely made and will make great thank you cards. Recommend!