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Dragon Doughnuts Scarves

Item: Long Scarf

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This design is a reminder of the ancient philosophical puzzle. If your doughnuts are guarded by your dragons, what will prevent your dragons from eating your doughnuts? More dragons? Instead of trying to figure out this timeless riddle, you should concentrate on brewing more coffee.

Dragon Doughnuts scarves are available on a square scarf and long scarf.

Made from silk habotai. Silk habotai is the fine silk weave originally developed for kimonos. Very light with a smooth surface. It’s the best of the best.

Dimensions & More Info
Square scarf: 36" square (91.5 cm) silk habotai (8 mommes) with hand-hemmed, rolled edges. Silk habotai is the fine silk weave originally developed for kimonos. Very light with a smooth surface. It’s the best of the best.

Long scarf: 27" x 78" (68.5 cm x 198 cm) silk habotai (8 mommes) with hand-hemmed, rolled edges.

Made in China.
Designed by Don Moyer
Use & Care

Scarves add flair to your outfit.

For best results, dry clean only. 
With a little care, your silk can last a very long time. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t spray your silk with perfume, deodorant, or hair treatments.
  • Never bleach silk.
  • Don’t store your silk where it is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Minimize exposure to water and don’t wring silks dry.
  • Never torture your silks in the dryer.
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Who we are

Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful scarf with a bit more ...

So your friend is about to start chemo & needs headcovers. And entertainment. Dragons, doughnuts, silk -- that works. Beautiful fabric & design, truly. And fun.

Quickly becoming my favorite.

This is a beautiful scarf. I love that I can wear dragons and donuts around.

Great Size

Usually scarfs are too small for my head, have 1 inch to tie with but this is great

Dragons and Donuts are an amazing combination!

I bought it as a gift and she absolutely loved it!

Barbara D.
perfect gift

She likes her birthday present: "I am now the proud owner of a most excellent scarf, decorated with dragons tanking up on coffee and sugar (Donuts & Dragons, the hot new roleplaying game?). The perfect thing to wear to a virtual ,,," It took 15 days to ship to Belgium.

Leslie E.
Coffee and doughnuts just got better!

Lucky me! My three wonderful daughters blessed me with the beautiful, long-coveted (by me) oblong version of the Dragons & Donuts scarf for Mothers Day. It is gorgeous and elegant and surprising, and I love its silky smoothness and colors that are so flattering to anyone. And who doesn't want to wear a story, starring coffee-drinking dragons guarding a cache of doughnuts? Delicious! Coffee in our It Could Be Worse mugs tasted just that much better.