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Four-Plate Set: Dinner Plates 5, 6, 7, and 8

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The second set of Calamityware dinner plates in a 4-plate discounted combination. Each porcelain dinner plate features a different calamity from Don Moyer's sketchbook—pillaging pirates, an active volcano, creeping tentacles, and a landscape-sucking vortex.

Dimensions & More Info
  • 10.5” diameter (26.5 cm)
  • Rich blue images on white porcelain.
  • Produced using the in-glaze decoration process. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museums.
  • Remember, all Calamityware plate designs are different—different borders, different images, and sometimes slightly different blues because the plates were fired at different times. They will look good together on your table or wall, but they won't be identical.
  • Made at the award-winning Kristoff porcelain workshop in Poland.
  • Food safe.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Porcelain is both delicate and durable. We think you’ll enjoy Don’s blog about caring for your new treasures.
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Where it's made

These porcelain pieces are fired at the Kristoff workshop in Valbrich, Poland, one of the oldest and grandest porcelain workshops in the world. Kristoff has been making porcelain since 1831 and its work can be found in museums and in the palaces of royalty. Our porcelain designs are in-glaze, which means slightly melted into the surface of the piece, to ensure a beautiful crisp image for years to come. Photo by Porcelana Krzysztof Sp. z o.o.

Who we are

Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Maria V.
Perfect 13th wedding anniversary gift

When I realized my husband and I would be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary in the middle of a global pandemic I knew this would be an unforgettable anniversary and a full set of Calamityware dinner plates would be the perfect gift to mark the occasion. After all, things could be worse! A volcano could erupt in our backyard, a sea monster surface in a nearby pond, or our daughter carried away by flying monkeys. These dishes embedded with Don Moyer’s drawings of a discombobulated, blue-willow paradise, are a whimsical dinner time reminder to smile and bask in our good fortune.

Volcanoes, Zombie Poodles and UFOs, Oh, My!

Love, love, love my Calamityware! I purchased a service for 8 and came back for the last 4 and the tea set recently. I was fascinated by this China every time I saw it on Instagram. After a house fire, I decided to purchase it for us to enjoy once the house was rebuilt. I now have all the plates, the Dino platter, tea set, mugs and bread/salad plates. In November I’ll have the 2 serving bowls I reserved this summer.
I can’t wait to share this fun China with my friends around a new table in our home.
Thanks, Calamityware for your awesome, whimsical designs! Mary

Fabulous Freak Out

I can hardly wait to mix these in with my formal blue/white dinnerware then wait and see who finds the first calamity! These are fabulous with a touch of irreverence. Please make more tee shirts and cute little tea towels (another fun surprise). KT Erwin

Tran N.
Great plates and great service

Not only do I love Calamityware plates, but I love their customer service. Whenever I have an issue (either need to make a change to my order or had a product come damaged), they are so quick to respond and sound so friendly. This is a great company!


This is how much I love them. I wear BLUE all the time BUT I don't use it in decorating and in my house. I shudder if I have to BUY a BLUE sponge :)
So, I made a HUGE exception to buy the complete set of plates....but I love, love, love them...and they are quite a surprise when I bring them out!

Family of four very happy

Bought series 1, and bowls and mugs for family of four. Ordered series 2 for them, as we were visiting. Found that the CW dishes were being used as everyday wear, replacing their other dishes. They love these dishes, and are happy that now with 8 plates, their table setting matches if guest come for dinner.

Claudette D.
Laughter with every dinner!

Gorgeous plates! Ingeniously designed, wonderfully made, and joy to use.
Now each dinner ends with us looking ever more closely at each part of the design. Silence falls. Then Whoops of delight as someone finds yet another easter egg in the art! The cat! Alien antennae peeking from behind patterns. Asymmetry in what initially looked to be perfectly symmetrical! These are the prettiest plates I've ever had the joy to own. And the most fun to use. Thank you, Team Calamity! Things could always be worse but our lives are better everyday for the fun you've built into our plates, coffee cups, bowls, shower curtain, T-shirts, and frameable art.

Nell T.
So Engaging!

Once I got them the afternoon was spent looking at all of the fine details in the illustrations. Once I can justify getting more I will! They are a good weight, I thought they would be heavier and they do microwave well.

Darrin M.
Christmas 2021

I bought these to add to my wife's collection for Christmas. She loved them, as she loves all the pieces we have so far. Always beautiful craftsmanship and detail. See pics of our full collection and our Christmas Irish breakfast this year. In this house we are all fans!!! It's great to now have enough to really use for a full meal!

anniversary present

Purchased one set of series 2 plus a set of four coffee cups for my husband as an anniversary gift and he was pleasantly surprised. We love the quality and they make a great conversation piece. The sets arrived quickly, well packed, and we wish we had more.