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About Threadless T-shirts

Every wardrobe needs a few graphic t-shirts, right? Treadless is a Chicago-based company that exists to digitally print designs on a wide range of different colored garments for men, women, and children. 

We’ve created a little Treadless shop that features designs from Don’s sketchbook. If you need more graphic t-shirts in your closet, visit the shop often to see the growing collection.

Threadless shirts will shrink slightly when laundered. Threadless recommends washing in cold water and tumble drying on a low setting to minimize shrinking. Don thinks the Threadless shirt sizes run a little small, so you might want to order a size larger than usual. The Threadless site has size information that’s worth reading. Click on the link that says "Size Chart" to pull up the Threadless size information. 

For all the shirts we have ordered from Threadless, their service has been good but not astonishingly fast. Threadless has an accommodating return policy. If you have trouble with an order, Threadless has people who can help you. Because we cannot see into the Threadless system, orders are invisible to us. So, unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer any questions if you have problems.

We hope you enjoy your new shirts.

Team Calamity

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