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BADbandana 4: Space Worms
BADbandana 4: Space Worms
BADbandana 4: Space Worms
BADbandana 4: Space Worms

BADbandana 4: Space Worms

$ 18.00 $ 18.00

Don Moyer's 4th BADbandana design celebrates the beguiling symmetries of traditional bandanas with the added thrill of demonic worms from outer space.

Each set includes 3 bandanas with the same design in white on an ominous purple backgroundBandanas have countless uses for fashion, personal hygiene, and roller derby competitions. They also make great gifts. Duplex printing on 100 percent cotton fabric with stitched edges, 21 inch square. BONUS! You’ll also receive a copy of the booklet Spaceworm Wisdom—a collection of wormy insights gained from gallivanting around the universe. Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as a Kickstarter project in 2016.  Made in USA.


Customer Reviews

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Space Worms Rule

These bad bandanas are the best. The quality continues to hold true and the art is wonderful. Even if you don't have a guitar God or 3 Irish Wolfhounds to dude up you'll be happy you chose to wear bad bandanas, they're just the best.


Love the badbandana! The subtle alterations of traditional designs make all of your products current. Being an artist and working in a similar state of mind, I appreciate that you make the old and much loved designs suitable for a new generation without losing ties to the past.


The quality is great the color is beautiful and the subject is out of this world. Gave these to my daughter for her birthday she loves them.

BadBandanas Rule!

These are the best bandanas ever! I've gifted them to others who get so many comments on their COOL headgear! They make super napkins, too. The dyes are colorfast and the designes are crisp and printed centered. I love them and plan to buy them as long as Don continues to make them! HINT -- Draw on Don -- we need more!

love da woims

Really lile this design, love the purple and love the size. It fully covers my hair when worn pirate style, keeping all mini calamities at bay (insects, dust, debris). ould totally go for some more colors and patterns.

Purple Passion!

Finally we have purple! Bring on green!

My favorite Calamityware Bandana Yet!

This is my favorite so far in the 4 bandana series. Its whimsical and cute and incredibly well made. These bandanas make great gifts, and this one in particular is is really cute, since it comes with the Space Worm Wisdom booklet. The printing is perfect and the color is fantastic, if you love purple this is the bandana for you!

You heard that right - Space Worms

I gave one of these to all the boys no matter their age and if they were old enough to make a thoughtful comment all said "Not worms, but space worms". Love these quality prints.


Not just worms, but SPACE worms. The cutest kind of worms. Worms in bandana form. The best of all worlds.

now in purple!

I love the BadBandanas! They're so versatile (as accessory or hankerchief or whatever).. I especially like to use them as cloth napkins to coordinate with my Calamityware plates! So FUN!