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Framing Sea Monsters

Now that many of the Sea Monster Jamboree prints have shipped, some sponsors have asked for my advice about framing. 

Don can’t delegate the signing of the prints.

1 Cheap and fast. The sheet is 12"x16" so if you are really cheap and lazy, you could just pop the sheet into a standard 12"x16" from your local art-supply store without any mat. If you take this approach, you should slip in some tiny strips around the edge to keep the glass from contacting the surface of the print. In 100 years, the archivists will thank you.

2 Basic. If you are on a tight budget, try this. Buy a standard 12"x16" frame at the art-supply store and cut a mat to fit the image. You can cut your own mat if you are dexterous. Or the frame shop can cut one for you for a few dollars. Here’s an example.

Standard frame with custom mat.

 3 Tailored. Have the frame shop do it all. Go to your local frame shop and pick a mat color that matches the paper color of the print. Or maybe you prefer a gray or colored mat to pick up some color in your room. In the picture below, you’ll see that this mat is a little wider than the mat above. Do you like that better? Next pick a frame you like. Light wood is nice. Dark wood is fine too if you have some darks woods in your environment. Metal is good if your room is starkly modern. Here’s an example. 

Dark wood frame with a medium gray mat. Too lazy to hang? Just prop your pictures on a shelf.
Dark wood frame with a medium gray mat. Too lazy to hang? Just prop your pictures on a shelf.

4 Lavishly over the top. Go for a late Renaissance vibe. Find the biggest, gaudy gold frame you can. Glue some frolicking gold putti or fish or both, in the corners. Make the mat at least 6 inches wide. See if you can find a mat that looks like red velvet or the marbled end papers from some old book. Add some thin gold lines to echo the mat opening. Install one or two spot lights to bath the image in an ingratiating glow.

Where should it go? I urge you to position your print where people can walk up and give it a close look. If you have kids at your house, you might start a contest to name and remember the names of all the creatures. Which one is Sluggo?


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