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Kickstarter Creator Hangout

In September of 2015, after only having eleven Kickstarter projects under our belt, Kickstarter folks interviewed Don and Lynnette. (Did you know that we are now up to 67 Kickstarter projects!?!)

The New Yorker

Back in 2020, Anna Russell, a writer for The New Yorker, was interested in how our Things Could Be Worse mugs were helping the world cope with the pandemic.

The New York Times

The Wirecutter staff included our Things Could Be Worse mugs in their holiday gift guide in 2020.

Web of Make Believe, Netflix Documentary

In June, 2022, we were as surprised as our fans were to see our Things Could Be Worse mug make a cameo appearance in Episode 5 of Netflix's Web of Make Believe documentary. The episode was titled The Stingray. The mug first appeared about 16 minutes into the episode.

Atlanta Magazine's HOME Fall 2023

The couple featured in this story used our Strawberry Thieves wallpaper on their walls, and have a collection of Calamityware on display in their cabinetry. was interested in writing an article on Calamityware, how we got started, and how Calamityware fits in the world of collectibles. WorthPoint is an online resource for researching, valuing, and preserving antiques, art, and collectibles. Has Calamityware reached "collectible" status yet?

Calamityware was mentioned in this article published on relating to Doomslang—another word for dystopian jargon like "dumpster fire" and "doomscrolling." However, the writer referred to our little business as a more palatable version of doomslang. Things could be worse, right?