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    Ridiculous products from Don's sketchbooks

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    • November 16, 2020 Dino Shopper Grocery Bag Giveaway
      Dino Shopper Grocery Bag Giveaway

      Here are the details of the Dino Shopper Grocery Bag Giveaway.

      UPDATE 11/30/20 2:30 pm E.T.: Sorry, we're out of grocery bags, so this promotion is over.

      If after reading these details, you still have questions about the giveaway, please email Please don't post important questions in the comments below.

      1. If your cart has $50 or more of product in it, a pop-up message will appear on the Cart page asking if you want to add the free bag to your order.

      2. If you want the bag, click Add to Cart. If you don't want the bag, click, "No thanks."

      3. Be patient on the Cart page to allow the pop-up to load. If you have over $50 in your cart, the pop-up will eventually appear after several seconds. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your web browser if it's not working.

      4. The promotion starts on Thursday, November 26, 2020, at 12:01 a.m., Eastern time, long before you’ll put your turkey in the oven.

      5. The promotion ends on Monday, November 30, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., Eastern time. Who made up this Cyber Monday thing anyway?

      6. If you make a purchase outside of the promotion period, you cannot receive a free grocery bag. Please don’t ask. Saying no is really hard for Robot, so don't put that kind of pressure on her. But you can buy one if you like them that much.

      7. If you purchase more than $50 worth of product (not including shipping or taxes), you will receive a FREE Dino Shopper Grocery Bag, while supplies last. If your shopping cart isn’t up to the $50 level, browse around our site. We have some lower-priced items you can add on that make great textiles, playing cards, notecards, BADbandanas, books, etc. You’re sure to find something.

      8. If your order qualifies to receive the grocery bag, your shipping costs will be adjusted slightly to accommodate the addition of the grocery bag. Shipping is a necessary evil. We’re sorry it has to be this way. If you prefer not to receive a free grocery bag, you can delete it from your shopping cart before you check out. As a reminder, we are offering free shipping for U.S. orders over $200.

      Please note that the free grocery bag must be shipped with the rest of your order. So, if you are buying a platter for Aunt Sally but you want to keep the grocery bag, you should have the package shipped to your address and make arrangements to visit Aunt Sally to give her the platter. She misses you.

      9. You will be able to purchase one of these adorable bags starting on November 26. If you want extras, go to this page to select your desired quantity. Trying to increase the number of promotional bags you receive will only confuse the system.

      10. The grocery bag is sturdy cotton and measures about 13" x 12" with an 8" gusseted bottom, so it’s handy for gallons of milk or boxes of cereal, or any combination of groceries. The design features a pattern based on a doodle in Don’s sketchbook. It shows dinosaur shoppers pushing shopping carts. That makes sense for a shopping bag, right?



    • November 16, 2020 Holiday Season Things To Know
      Holiday Season Things To Know

      Five important details to know about your order

      We have five things to share with you about your order. Here are the highlights, and links to more information.


      1. COVID delays

      As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic, delays may occur with the fulfillment and delivery of your order. So far delays have never been more than a day or two, but serious disruptions could happen any time. It’s all beyond our control. Read more about the effects of pandemics on shipping here.


      2. Shipping cutoff times for holiday delivery

      We know you want your order to arrive in time for holiday gift giving, but don’t consider anyone’s shipping time estimates to be a guarantee. The carriers are doing the best they can, but all courier systems are stressed by COVID and increased home shopping. Again, this is out of our control. If you want your gift for Uncle Winslow to arrive in time, order early. Read about the specific dates here.


      3. Free shipping for U.S. orders over $200

      We are offering free shipping for U.S. orders over $200. You can read more about the details here.


      4. Dino Shopper Grocery Bag giveaway for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

      UPDATE 11/30/20 2:30 pm E.T.: Sorry, we're out of grocery bags, so this promotion is over. 

      This year, to thank our customers, we are giving away a Dino Shopper Grocery Bag for any order over $50 placed between November 26 and November 30, 2020. Read the rules of this giveaway here.


      5. Products moving in and out of stock

      Because our shipping facility is small, sometimes a product will run out of stock before we can truck more from the warehouse where we store stuff. We can usually catch up in a day or two. You’ll get a shipping confirmation when your order goes out. This potential delay is another reason to place your orders early.


      If you have questions about the any of these things to know, please email

    • November 13, 2020 Effective Treatment
      Effective Treatment Don discusses the healthcare role of margaritas and more.
    • November 05, 2020 2020 Holiday Shipping Cutoff Times
      2020 Holiday Shipping Cutoff Times Holiday shipping deadlines for 2020.

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