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Coming Soon

Most Calamityware™ products start as Kickstarter projects. Once a project is funded on Kickstarter, production starts. Sometimes it takes several months for something new to reach this on-line store. This Coming Soon page gives you the status of every product in the production pipeline.

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Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole is a Kickstarter project that launched in mid-May 2024. This practical, porcelain dish with lid is oven safe, food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. So, you can use it to bake meals and grace your table as a serving dish. Perfect for transporting hot dishes to your potluck dinners. The Kickstarter project ended in June and we were able to green light a production run at the workshop in the Czech Republic. Later, in December, a few extra casseroles will find their way into the on-line store. You can sign up to be notified on the product page.


Mr. Scribbles

Mr. Scribbles’ Cat Extravaganza was an active Kickstarter project until March 31. It features two books and a jigsaw puzzle, all the drawings of cats by Mr. Scribble (Don’s alter ego), a cat who is also an artist. You can meet the talkative Mr. Scribbles and read all about the project here. In July, after the rewards has been produced and distributed, a limited number of the books and puzzles will be available here in the on-line store.


At the end of 2023, Don wrote his traditional end-of-year post to talk about what he plans to focus on in the new year. These predictions are usually inaccurate. That’s because Don cherishes the freedom to change his priorities based on the slightest whim. 


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