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Coming Soon

Most Calamityware™ products start as Kickstarter projects. Once a project is funded on Kickstarter, production starts. Sometimes it takes several months for something new to reach this on-line store. This Coming Soon page gives you the status of every product in the production pipeline.

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Things-Could-Be-Worse Trays is our latest Kickstarter project. It was open for pledges until August 5, 2023. These beauties are lightweight birchwood with a sturdy melamine surface. In November, after these rewards are shipped, some extra trays will be available here in the store. You can check out the project here.



Vexations Series small plates and shallow bowlsis a Kickstarter project that closed on September 24. Eight new designs will add thrills to your means and enhance your snacking experience. This is our first venture with the team at Cmielow, a Polish porcelain manufacturer who got started in 1790. Read the project description for details. Near the end of the year, a limited number of these designs will be available here in the store. Won’t that be fun?


Late in 2022, Don wrote his traditional end-of-year post to talk about what he plans to focus on in the new year. These predictions are usually inaccurate. That’s because Don cherishes the freedom to change his priorities based on the slightest whim.



Page updated September 29, 2023