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Sea Monster Shower Curtain
Sea Monster Shower Curtain
Sea Monster Shower Curtain
Sea Monster Shower Curtain
Sea Monster Shower Curtain
Sea Monster Shower Curtain

Sea Monster Shower Curtain

$ 32.00

The best thing about early Renaissance maps are the sea monsters that frolic in the waves. Now you can surround yourself with charming and bizarre sea monsters every day. The Sea Monster Jamboree Shower Curtain is based on Don’s letterpress print of sea monsters...but much, much bigger. It’s beautiful and funny.

We recommend a liner since that extends the life of any shower curtain and it allows the sea monsters to hang outside the bath tub while the liner stays inside. The polyester isn't waterproof so you can't use it to make a wading pool. But someone who hates liners could get away with just this curtain.

This is a really top-quality fabric curtain. Heavy-weight (140 gsm), white polyester fabric printed on one side in black, 70" (180 cm) wide and approximately 72" in length. Non-repeating pattern. Twelve button-holes along the top accept all conventional shower-curtain rings. Fully hemmed. Made at the Ningbo Siteler workshop in China.

Customer Reviews

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Cthulhu rises...behind the curtain

Wonderful shower curtain! Just renovated my little house built in the fifties. We have one tiny shower bath in very fifties yellow tile. Now when guests are seated on the john, they have a view of the horrible things they might find behind the curtain. Since installing it, I have started hearing faint noises from the underworld and I fear Cthulhu will be rising from the drains. Life, my friends, is much more interesting with this product. I suspect it will repel politicians as well. Couldn’t be more pleased, and the quality is excellent. Keep up the good work! I have to go, the drains are calling me...

Really fabulous shower curtain!

I got this for my daughter who just moved into her own apartment. I was so excited to give it to her and she loves it! Very well made, too. I like how the pattern doesn't repeat, and there's always something you didn't see the last time you looked at it.

Needs Color

Needs color, and more than one color. When one like that is available, I will buy one.

Sea monsters add a bit of zing to your morning shower!

We recently got a pair of these wonderfully creative shower curtains via Kickstarter, one for us, and one for my sister on the West Coast. (Shhh... don't tell her, it's a Christmas surprise!) The fabric is sturdy, the figures are dark and distinct, and it falls nicely in the shower/tub combination in our beach-house. Interesting, enticing, and not too scary. Looking forward to showing it off to family over Thanksgiving. Thanks Don for all your work!


The photo doesn’t do it justice.... this curtain is SO COOL and great quality. Love it.


I love this shower curtain! I bought it for my boys bathroom and I think I love it more than them lol. It’s really fun and creative. Nice quality fabric. Hope more houseware items come out on this site.

I couldn’t be more pleased

Love the shower curtain. Went to bed bath and beyond and got anchor hooks and black accessories. My guest bath is now awesome

Hilarity and utility combined!

We are in love with this shower curtain, which is not only fun to look at (no repeats in the pattern!), but high quality and well-made. Heartily recommend.

Makes Me Smile

I’m enjoying this shower curtain! It makes me giggle to see the dodo bird floating along in search of its revenge.

The quality of the fabric and printing is great.

My only negative comment, which is more of a mild suggestion, is that the “buttonholes” could be about 1/8” longer. I couldn’t use my curtain hooks and had to get smaller ones.


I received two of these amazing shower curtains from the Kickstarter project. Heavy fabric. Crisp printing. Hilarious image that looks like an old woodcut but is filled with whimsical sea creatures. House guests are amazed.