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Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card
Physical Gift Card

Physical Gift Card

$ 10,000.00

Physical gift card, notecard, and envelope to send to Aunt Sally so she has something to open.

To order this item, you must email All denominations listed are available, and physical gift cards ship for free. In your email, tell Robot which denomination you'd like, and she will email you an invoice.

Physical gift card will come with a blank notecard and blank envelope, so you can write your message to Aunt Sally. If you'd like us to send the physical gift card directly to Aunt Sally, also inform Robot of the brief message you'd like to be included on the notecard (around 140 characters). Monkey will hand-write your message on the notecard. 

All physical gift cards will need to be activated once the card is received. Activation will require recipient to email with the following information:

1. Recipient's name (that's Aunt Sally)

2. Secret code on back of card

3. Sender's name (that's you)

Activation instructions are included with gift card. We will do our best to activate the cards immediately but we may be a little slower on weekends and evenings.

Note: Gift card purchases are not eligible for promotional giveaways. Purchases made with a gift card are eligible for active promotional giveaways if one is running at the time of redemption.


If this process is too complicated for you, remember you can purchase a digital gift card that will arrive activated in your email immediately.