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Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)
Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)
Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)
Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)
Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)
Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)

Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4)

$ 52.00

No matter how bad your day is going, these beautiful porcelain mugs graciously remind you things could be much worse. You could also be chased by UFOs, pestered by pirates, or plagued by giant frogs.

One set of four identical 12-ounce (355 mL) porcelain mugs adorned with Don Moyer's multi-calamity drawing. These mugs are made and decorated by the award-winning Kristoff Porcelain workshop in Poland using the traditional in-glaze technique. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museums. The mugs are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe so you can use them every day to remind you of all the problems you don’t have. Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as a Kickstarter project in 2015. 

These porcelain mugs feature Don’s drawing of a traditional blue-willow paradise discombobulated by more than a dozen calamities, perils, and pests. You’ll find...
• Sasquatch
• giant frog
• pirates
• cephalopod
• devil blob
• voracious sea monster
• UFOs
• aggressive pterodactyls 
• rambunctious robots
• zombie poodle
and other suspicious animals and shrubs.

Porcelain is both delicate and durable. We think you’ll enjoy Don’s blog about caring for your new treasures.

 Highlights of all that mumbo jumbo above:
• Set of four identical mugs
• 12 ounces (355 mL)
• 4” high, 3-1/4” diameter
• Porcelain
• Food safe
• Microwave safe
• Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 370 reviews
Crazy - Fun - Well made

I ordered these mugs on a whim. Thought the price was so reasonable that even if they were not the best quality, that would be fine. BUT, they are great quality, came very well packages and are really nice to hold and all the images are applied so well! Nary a smear or blurred line anywhere. Have ordered more products since. Would tell anyone with a (slightly twisted) sense of humor that these are the best gifts!

Best Gift Ever!

My mother has been collecting Blue Willow dishes most of her adult life, and she has a huge collection. I bought her a set of Calamityware mugs for Christmas, hoping she would like them. Turns out she loved them so much she ordered the tea set the next day! Best gift ever!

These are the Best

Work is damn stressful, but when the daily grind has got me down, sipping tea from my Calamityware mugs picks me right back up. I never new a mug could bring so much joy into my life. I’m now back for the tshirt, the playing cards, and the ornaments so I can enjoy allllll of the calamity. All that’s missing is the coloring book, when are y’all gonna make a coloring book?

Makes morning coffee perfect

I love these mugs. They make me happy every morning. And sometimes for tea in the evening. Things could be worse! Except I want robots and Bigfoot in my real life. :)

Great product that ships fast!

I'm very satisfied with these mugs, and they arrived even quicker than I expected! I ordered them to give as gifts to family, and they all loved the design :)

She's happy!

Got the calamity ware mugs for my mother in law and she absolutely loves them. She never sends me photos, but has sent me two pictures of her using these mugs.

I just LOVE my mugs

Besides being adorable, these mugs are the highest quality made. I just love having coffee or tea with all my new weird creature friends 🤣


Words do no justice to how much I love my mugs! They are a eedding gift...maybe...I am tempted keep them for myself (but the cat may knock them off the table) At any rate, when I can order more product, I definitely will! Thank you thank you