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Unspecified Sports Team Hoodie

Size: Unisex S

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Do you ever feel like you are out of the loop when it comes to sports? You aren't alone. We think you should embrace your sports ignorance by wearing Don Moyer's Unspecified Sports Team hoodie to your next tailgate party. It will be good for a laugh and nobody will talk to you about the latest trade or if your local team should be throwing more knuckleballs. Or, if you are into sports, Unspecified Sports Team is a great fantasy team name and you could have an awesome matching hoodie for draft day.

Printed on Bella+Canvas navy blue sponge fleece (52% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton, 48% polyester).

Also available as a t-shirt in a relaxed women's cut, a unisex cut, and a unisex baseball style.

Sizes & More Info

The design is distressed and printed using a vintage screen printing style which means the graphic will be lightweight and slightly transparent. The ink will sit proudly on top of the fabric but still has a fairly soft hand.

Screenprinted in Pittsburgh, PA, by Commonwealth Press.
Designed by Don Moyer.

  • Turn it inside out.
  • Machine wash in warm water with garments of similar color.
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach, if needed.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • If you plan to wear it to a job interview or wedding, iron on medium setting.
  • Avoid ironing the graphics.
  • Do not dry clean. Use the money you save for a giant coffee.


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Where it's made

These garments are lovingly silkscreened by the folks at Commonwealth Press, an artist-run shop located in our hometown of Pittsburgh. They’re darned good at what they do, have mastered all the application techniques we require, and they treat their customers and employees right.

Who we are

Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Unexpected positive side effects observed!

So, I get the hoodie as it arrived in a inconspicuous padded envelop. It had seemed that the mailman threw it from about 50 feet... as if he had been waiting all day to rid himself of some heavenly power he felt since he laid hand on that package.
Not thinking any of it, I pick up the envelop and put the hoodie on, and set out for work... I thought it was weird that every car on the freeway was honking at me uncontrollably as I was passing them. I figured so what, it's one of those days...I am late for work and I don't want to drive 65 mps... But then, as I pull up to work, I realize I left my car at home. Wait... Had I just gained a super power? Well, maybe not... I think it was just the amazing fiber cereal I had for breakfast.
After I got done doing everyone's work at the office, I realize it was 11:30 and decided to go out to the local park to see if I can find some local chaps playing soccer so I can join them for a quick pick up game. An hour into the game, I realize at least 10 thousand people cheering us on on the sidelines but I had no idea the NBA commissioner would be there walking towards me to ask if they could sign up my team for the 2022 league. Then it hits me, my team had been up playing basketball with the warriors and we had just won the game 280 - 0... and we had done so the whole time without once touching the basketball with our hands.
As the news vans pulled up to cover the event, we were all asked to line up for a team photo with the NBA commissioner and the local mayor. We had to refuse their offer to make us wait for the president-elect to join our photoshoot... After all, I had to go back to work.
The media, the spectators, everyone out there had a camera or a phone and all were about to take a photo when I heard a collective gasp! Then I see everyone tilting their heads up to the sky and saluting... yet, they al kept staring at me while doing it. What was going on? Why were they getting so small? Snap! I had gain the ability to fly.
Not wanting to cause any more chaos that day, I decide to fly home and take a nap. I landed right at my porch... dusted myself and walked through the door. Wait... I am home already. The door! I didn't open the door! There it hits me. I had also gained a new power... teleportation! At that point, my daughter walks right past me and doesn't say anything. I think to my self "Hey! I just got home!" So I turn and say " Baby! Hi dad would be nice!". My daughter turns around and turns ash white. She mumbles to herself. "Dear god! I think I am hallucinating today. I swear I heard dad just now". WAIT! Invisibility powers!

Rushing into my bedroom, I took the hoodie off and tossed it at the side of the room for fear of what new power I might gain.

I spent the last two weeks looking for a hoodie that is invisible which may have teleported through the wall (possibly stuck in the insulation).
I now have to drive my car to work...

Don't make the same mistake! Wear your hoodie proudly every day and night! Never let go of it.

Hey!!!! wait! Is that my son wearing my hoodie? Seriously? Agh!!!! I guess I need to order another one.

All in all, the hoodie is pretty awesome. Take my word for it.

Kadri W.
Hoodie Extraordinaire

My husband loves this hoodie. He is a slim man and the fit is perfect on him. If you are a more substantial human, I would recommend sizing one up from what you would normally order.
The fabric is excellent and the print is wonderful and fun. Would absolutely order from you again.

Joann K.
In this time of Covid, a sweatshirt to wear proudly

You might think a New England Patriots fan would be thrilled with a sweatshirt like this. Not so, I proudly alternate Don's sweatshirt with my Pats sweatshirts. Being retired, I can do this. However, I am absolutely in love with Don's porcelain creations. I am the proud owner now of two of the large-size mugs and one ginormous cookie jar. Must go off and make chocolate chip cookies to fill it.

It’s awesome, of course

You don’t really need a review to tell you this sweatshirt is awesome, right? Super soft, very comfy, very fun. The size is as you would expect.

Deborah A.W.
Gimme More!

Soft, comfortable, and a great bargain at the price. I am ordering more of these. The fleece inside is so cozy.
BTW, the customer service is outstanding.

My new fashion go to place

The shirt is everything you want a hoodie to be. In addition, you will be a style icon, especially if you happen to run in very monstrous circles.

Anne S.
Unspecified review

Sssooo sssssoooofffffttt.

We almost have our own team.

I got the hoodie for me (in XL, to be suuuper comfy), and a T-shirt for my perennially too-hot daughter, plus another hoodie for my daughter-in-law who spends a lot of time with us. By coincidence or design, we are all bookkeepers. The head of our bookkeeper group saw my D-I-L's hoodie & lusted after it. She's getting it for Christmas but doesn't know it yet. Soon, our entire Bookkeepers Unite will have this wonderful shirt. We will do sport! Team Reconciling!

Steve H.
Awesome hoodie

I really love Don's work and have bought many of his practical, yet zany, items. This sweatshirt/hoodie again rings both of those bells. Very soft and comfortable and a great design. It is on the thin side, so you may want to go bigger for layering.

Alisha E.
Best hoodie ever

I got this for my husband for his birthday. He loves it! It is super soft. It felt on the thinner side, not in a bad way, but just like it would be a good hoodie for fall, but he had it on for a bit and it's a lot warmer than it seems, so it will be great fall and winter now. He absolutely loves it, and it's great for every sporting event party!