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Vigilant Dragons Cookie Jar

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Enjoy treat storage with the added protection of magical, snack-loving dragons, straight out of Don Moyer's sketchbook.

Stoneware canisters available in one size. Holds 84 ounces. Includes a lid with an airtight seal.

The Vigilant Dragons Cookie Jar is identical in shape and size to our large Kitchen Witch canister.

Dimensions & More Info
  • Exterior: 5.125"D x 5.125"W x 10.125"H (13 cm x 13 cm x 25.72 cm)
  • Opening: 4" diameter (10 cm)
  • Holds 84 ounces (2.5 L).
  • Airtight lids with silicone seals preserve freshness.
  • Blue images on white stoneware
  • Decorated on all four sides with fearsome, cookie-loving dragons to scare away timid snack pirates and discourage unauthorized withdrawals.
  • Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as his 40th Kickstarter project in 2019.
  • Made by wizards in China who specialize in crafting stoneware using permanent, on-glaze decoration techniques.
    Use & Care
    • Makes an excellent storage place for all your snacks.
    • And because it looks like an innocent cookie jar, you’ll find it an excellent place to conceal caches, hoards, and stashes.
    • For example, some people have said they plan to use the cookie jar to hide secret accumulations of contraband, gemstones, antique coins, and chocolate.
    • No one will suspect. Can hold 90 Oreo cookies.
    • Heavy enough to be a weapon.

    • Food safe.
    • Dishwasher safe.
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    Where it's made

    Our stoneware is made in China where they’ve been perfecting this technology for three thousand years. Stoneware beats porcelain for large objects and items with lids because it shrinks less in the kiln and retains its true dimensions much better. The glazed stoneware of our Kitchen Witch Canisters and Vigilant-Dragons Cookie Jar is made of high-quality, non-porous ceramic clay heated to extremely high temperatures. Dense, impermeable, and hard enough to resist scratching, it is also capable of displaying colors with great vibrancy.

    Who we are

    Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 138 reviews
    Totally unnecessarily awesome!

    I have been following CalamityWare for quite a while now, but I haven't been able to justify spending my hard-won hoard, given we have a full set of dishes already. Along comes this cookie jar. I put it on my wish list on the Women Warriors Who Once Sold Books site so that my husband would see it and buy it for me (yes, you can put non-Women Warriors links on there, FYI), but he COMPLETELY FAILED TO TAKE A HINT. Luckily, his mother adores me and sent me the necessary moola. The thing is, we are not much into sweets, and when we ARE into sweets, we generally eat every part of said sweet within 24 hours, so we do not NEED a cookie jar. Along comes a puppy. Puppies, it turns out, like biscuits. It's a marriage made in... um... gifts from mothers-in-law. It's perfect: Pretty enough to be the center-piece on your table because you always eat in front of the TV. Big enough to hold dog biscuits OR, for a limited time, Quaker Oats' "Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies." Came packaged in not one, not two, but THREE boxes, one inside the other, which would usually horrify me but it's china with dragons and deserves the care. Thank you, CalamityWare, for making my home just a touch more super cool than it was the day before. Love you!

    Very Popular

    Great quality. Large size. Well packed for safe shipping. Would highly recommend.

    Kief R.
    Nice piece!

    Jar is well made, detail of design is crisp and quite nice. Seal on lid is effective and the opening is easy to get my paw into. I don’t eat sweets, but, since my home state is an adult use state, the jar holds quite a bit of PureMichigan Cannabis. Thank you, Calamityware!!!!! Stay safe.

    irreverently classic

    I received this as a gift last night. This mixes nicely with all my other various blue & white frippery that decorate a kitchen bestrewed with a collection of witches. It's beautiful and I will discover for myself if it holds 90 Oreos and how many that converts to if Double Stuffed.

    J.M. G.
    Cool & contemporary but looks like Delftware.

    This jar is cool & contemporary but looks like Delftware. It was a gift and was well received. As a high school ceramics teacher my standards for purchasing pottery are rather high. This is a beautiful, well crafted piece. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more Calamity ware.

    Dragon Guardians Cookie Jar - what a fun concept.

    The quality of this cookie jar is wonderful. It's the first piece of Calamityware we've bought for ourselves. The pattern is detailed, yet subtle and it's obvious that it's not going to wear off the jar. And it holds a lot of cookies!

    Heather S.
    Amazing Gift

    The friends we bought this for have now told us at least 10 times how much the love it. The details (dragons holding cookies, tiny cat) are super amusing.

    Beth K.
    I love the beautiful little blue dragons protecting my cookies!

    The cookie jar arrived on time very well packed and protected and absolutely perfect! It is lovely and sweet at a distance but when I go for the lid and see the dragons, I always giggle a little. This collection is a great modern twist on a classic style.

    Quirky fun jar

    Cool and fun cookie jar. It looks like the traditional blue and white Chinese pattern but then you look closer and... yikes! Dragons! Love it! My favorite Christmas present, and it stores a normal batch of chocolate chip cookies too!

    Unique & pretty jar

    Great Christmas gift! Loved the dragon/wyrm theme on the classic looking jar. Very cool and updated.