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Free gift with purchase: deck of cards on orders over $75 until 3/31/20 at 11:59 p.m. Free gift with purchase: deck of cards on orders over $75 until 3/31/20 at 11:59 p.m.
Creature Comfort Playing Cards
Creature Comfort Playing Cards
Creature Comfort Playing Cards
Creature Comfort Playing Cards

Creature Comfort Playing Cards

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Beautiful, sturdy, and utilitarian cards with the added thrill of more than 4,500 creatures. All your favorite card games just got a little more interesting. 

1.  Monster Mayhem back design.
2.  Unique pip designs for every card. No repeats.
3.  Face cards feature unusual royalty with their favorite comfort foods.
4.  Specially designed aces accommodate still more creatures.
5.  Two whimsical joker designs.
6.  Heavy, opaque, slippery, linen-finish cards with rounded corners.
7.  Standard poker-sized cards...2.5" x 3.5"
8.  Sturdy, reuseable tuck box arrives protected with cellophane wrap. Very easy to wrap for gift giving.
9.  Manufactured in the U.S.A. by United States Playing Card Company.
10.Capybaras! The only playing cards I know of that celebrate Earth’s largest rodents. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
More than just cards, these are cards!

Having been invited to offer a short review of these playing cards, I submit the following. When the cards arrived, I quite naturally removed them from the carton and studied each one of them in depth using my 3 power magnifier. The detail and intricacy are incredible. The hours of labor that the makers msut have spent, inking each of these works of art one by one!! I was so impressed, so swept away by emotion, that I took the cards to a dinner party that night and began to show them to each guest, suggesting that they count the many amusing pips on each card. Some were reluctant and tried to back away, but I persisted! I began to count them out loud myself and was transported into a state of such ecstasy, finding myself shaking uncontrollably, salivating, flailing my arms like the demented symphony conductor in Poe's lost essay. then finally thrashing about on the floor where, for no apparent reason, i was screaming "Yog Sothoth" and repeatedly biting the ankles of the dinner guests.
When I was released from the psychiatric unit, they did give my cards back to me, but I am still affected by the restraining order from approaching any of my former associates.
But it was worth every minute! I highly suggest these for ones personal use and as a superb gift! Anyone would love to receive them!

Beyond expectation - card perfection

I am in love with this is beautiful, easy to shuffle, the card stock is not too slippery but quality and the colors are vibrant and sharp. Each suit is whimsical and enchanting. It is now the deck my daughter and I use to play cards...I am such a fan.

A winner

I bought these for my husband for a Valentine gift. We both have enjoyed discovering what things the face card creatures are eating . It makes our simple game of Kings in the Corner even more fun


Freaky, scary, fun! Everything you'd want in a wierd deck of card. Totally happy.

Best card ever

As usual with everything I bought, I'm super delighted.


I come from a big family of card players and gave these as a gift to my brother. He loves them! And with every card being different it has brought a new challenge to our family card games because the card counter are so distracted by the illustrations.

An Amazing Deck

These are truly awe-inspiring with such diverse weird designs. I gave them as a Christmas gift to a family member. Now everyone will be so jealous on card-night! This premium deck is good sized, sturdy and wonderfully conceived for maximum fun.


Stocking recipients loved them and guessed were from me. Win-win ~~~


Go really good.with my electric catnop cards. Cant wait for the next card night.


Love these cards, got 3 decks so I can give 2 as gifts. Great quality, great artwork, great service.