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Apes and Aliens Jigsaw Puzzle

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Apes and a few aliens waiting in line to get through airport security. If that's not a great idea for a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, we don't know what is.

Puzzles are great because you can do them alone or with others. You get to set the pace. You can do the whole puzzle in one marathon session or drag the effort out over weeks. Solving a puzzle sharpens your cognitive skills and helps you learn to focus on details. Snapping a puzzle piece into position feels good and probably releases a flood of endorphins. How nice. And jigsaw puzzles don’t require any batteries, instruction manuals, or wifi.

We believe the best jigsaw puzzles have three vital qualities. First, lots of color. Next, oodles of details. No boring expanses of sky or snow. Last, a good puzzle is puzzling—a little mysterious and full of false clues, duplicates, and distractions. The Apes and Aliens puzzle is designed to give you abundant colors, beguiling details, and mild mystery.

Printed on specially made, heavy puzzle board.
Dimensions & More Info
  • 19.75" x 27.5" (50 cm x 70 cm) when put together.
  • Printed on specially made, heavy puzzle board to prevent delaminating and reduce paper dust.
  • Housed in a sturdy clear poly bag and nestled in a robust two-piece box.
  • Includes a half-scale print of the finished puzzle.
  • Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as his 47th Kickstarter project in 2020.
  • Made at Sarah's XZY puzzle workshop in China.

This puzzle is challenging, but it's not so exasperating that you will have to be institutionalized. We included an overview of the whole image on a cheat sheet and box base, so you and a friend can both have a reference while working on the puzzle. If you believe the puzzle is too easy, try solving it without referring to the cheat sheet. If it is still too easy, do it blindfolded.

CAUTION: Choking hazard from small parts. Not suitable for small children or adults who lack common sense.
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Who we are

Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Tearing my hair out

This puzzle is taking years off my life. I love it. My kids have given up but that’s fine. My husband and I send them to bed and eat ice cream without them while we do the puzzle ourselves. 🤣 We’ve decided which apes and aliens are our friends and which ones are jerks. I hope there are more coming! Maybe a dinosaur and yeti theme?

Very tempting

I bought this for when children and grandchildren visit (all adults; I'm very old). But we can't have visits in these plague times, so it hasn't been taken out of the transparent wrapper. But I have been gazing at it in its safe place, and I think I'll possibly succumb to its charms and do it myself.

Entire Family Loved It!

This was a huge hit with my whole family. We all loved the art and design. I hope more are coming in the future! Video is of my brother in law putting in the final piece (he stayed up until 3am working on it).

Josie A.
Too much fun

Just received the puzzle yesterday as a gift from my sister. Loving it! Sufficiently difficult/challenging and fun to explore the details of Don's work. Meets the quality of Calamityware. A great gift and a great puzzle!

What fun!

As soon as I saw this puzzle I knew I had to have it and I was not disappointed! What a great puzzle - difficult enough to require thoughtful hunting through all of the surprises and red herrings but not so hard that I gave up and gave the pieces to the hamster to chew up. And I do swear that the last time I went through the airport, pre-covid 19, I was in THAT line! I recognize a couple of the individuals. Bonus points if you can pick me out. Putting in that last piece was like finishing a marathon (I have run many); a great sense of accomplishment and some regret that it's over and done. It was so much fun that I'm going to take it all apart and do it again only this time upside down. When is the next puzzle going to appear?!? I want robots and flying monkeys.


Great challenge! My husband said "oh, no way!" but I told him this was one that I wouldn't complete in just a day. I'm curious though, is the "a little mysterious" part about the missing piece or was that a kid-assist on my end? Because I could totally see a calamity ware puzzle having a signature missing piece.

No, the 'little mysterious' part is not about us intentionally leaving out a piece. That would just be cruel. Because of the way the puzzles are produced and packaged, it is very rare for a piece to go missing. But experience has shown that pets, children, gravity, and elves are responsible for 99 percent of missing puzzle pieces. I suspect it will show up in some way, shape, or form.

Kia R.
second hand puzzle

It's fine to give second-hand puzzles as presents, right? As long as all the pieces are still there. We were very careful to ensure that we put all the pieces back in the box after we finished it. Because we did get it for my sister, after all.

Jo M.
Very fun puzzle

Some puzzles are too hard; some puzzles are boring. This puzzle was just right.
I loved seeing all the different expressions on the ape faces.

Excellent puzzle

The best puzzle I have ever seen. It is an excellent challenge but there are enough differences between all of the apes and aliens that it is possible to hunt down the location of a piece if you study the box top (or bottom-both have a picture). We had a great time putting it together!

So much fun

Being alone during Covid, and old, I can't go out so this is perfect fun. My 2 cats Rocky&Boo insist on helping, so I've had to "replace" a couple pieces a few times. We are having great time with it, though.
One suggestion. Mine isn't quite as bright & colorful as the picture on your site. Mines a bit drabber. And no it's not my eyes. Lol. Definitely looking forward to the next one.