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About Spoonflower Designs

Some of the drawings in Don’s sketchbook would make interesting patterns.

So, we plan to add those designs to Spoonflower, a website that makes it easy to buy patterns digitally printed on a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, and wrapping paper.


The first pattern, Strawberry Thieves, is on Spoonflower now. You can get the pattern printed on lots of fabrics, wallpaper, and wrapping paper. The design is very similar to the image we printed on silk scarves, neckties, and pocket squares. Making it available on Spoonflower materials means you can make your own clothes, pillows, tote bags, thrones, and more.

As additional patterns are added, you’ll see them mentioned in Calamityware updates. If you are on our email list, you won’t miss anything.

If you are not familiar with Spoonflower, they have plenty of useful information about their fabrics on the Spoonflower website. We have made some items using several different fabrics. The descriptions they offer are accurate. If you prefer to touch the textiles before choosing, they offer a swatch book.

For our orders, Spoonflower service has been good but not astonishingly fast. If you have trouble with an order, Spoonflower has people who can help you. Because we cannot see into the Spoonflower system, orders are invisible to us. So, unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer any questions if you have problems.

Team Calamity

The Calamityware Store at Spoonflower