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Due to COVID-19, you may experience delays in shipping or delivery. Click for details. Due to COVID-19, you may experience delays in shipping and delivery. Click for details.

Deliveries during pestilence

You may have noticed a global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. Among the many inconveniences, there have been some semi-serious disruptions to deliveries.


For the shippers we use—post office, FedEx, etc. —everything is moving more slowly. To keep workers safe on the job, there is more space between people, experienced staff have been sent home, new workers are making the kinds of mistakes that novices make. There are fewer trucks making fewer runs. And long distance deliveries by boat or plane have slowed because fewer boats are sailing and fewer planes are flying. It’s like everyone, everywhere is running in oatmeal.

False promises. Right now, you should be skeptical about the delivery times that couriers promise. When one of the big couriers says x days, it’s probably not true during the pandemic. 

Start early. Not everything is slower. Some packages move as quickly as always, but that creates an illusion of normalcy. These days, most packages seem to take a few more days to reach their destinations. So we urge you to think like a pessimist and order things long before you need them. Right now, the concept of just-in-time delivery is kaput.

Please don’t get mad at the Calamity Team. We don’t control deliveries. And if we did, I doubt we could do a better job than the big boys.