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Creature Comfort Throw Blanket

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If you're delighted by a good paradox, this blanket is for you. The Creature Comfort pattern is beautiful and exquisitely detailed, but is made of 100% certified yucky things. Upon first glance, you won't realize what you're covered in, but you'll probably love sharing a snuggle with these bugs, bats, and beasts.A design based on the monstrous doodles in Don Moyer’s sketchbook.

Made from 100% cotton and woven in deep navy and natural cream.

Also available on King and Queen bedspreads. Find more Creature Comfort items here.

Dimensions & More Info
  • 100% cotton
  • 50"W x 70"L (127 cm x 178 cm)
  • Woven in deep navy and natural cream on a centro jacquard loom to produce a rich, dimensional surface reminiscent of quilted blankets.
  • Meets OEKO-TEX® Certification requirements.
  • Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as his 52nd Kickstarter project in 2021.
  • Specially created for us by Liliana and her wizards at the Piscatextil workshop in Portugal.
    • Machine wash in cold, using gentle cycle.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Tumble dry low.
    • Do not dry clean.
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    Where it's made

    Using the classic technology of an extra-wide jacquard loom, our friends at Piscatextil in Portugal painstakingly weave our patterns into cotton throws, bedspreads, and shams. Everyone loves the substantial weight of these textiles and the delightful texture that results from the interaction of the dark and light threads.

    Who we are

    Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 160 reviews
    My only complaint is I wish it were king bed sized

    I backed this initially because I enjoy the company. Based on the images, I expected it to be stiff, like my aunt's quilt she made 40 years ago that's been to every outdoor event and child staining gathering imaginable, rendering what may have once been soft cotton into practically burlap.

    I was so wrong. Happily, gratefully, completely wrong.

    I had it on the back of the couch at first. Mostly decoration, loved the aesthetic. Then one day I found it had fallen, right on me, wrapped so beautifully, with no clue how it got there. Gravity? Subconscious desires made manifest?

    Then it moved down the hall onto my desk chair in my room. Meetings suddenly became bearable, comfortably cradled in a creature covered coat of Calamity and late night Netflix binging became close to dangerous, rendering me incapable of escaping my program PC prison for sleep...

    Solution obviously was to simply move it to the actual bed. Crap. Partner is now aware of the new addition. Calamity indeed ensues upon discovery that its not big enough to share! A heated exchange, demands and ultimatums, and finally peace after agreeing to a shared custody plan with alternating weekends.

    We're still not speaking to each other. It's too soon.

    TLDR; I bought it. I love it. I just wish it could be upsized, maybe doubled.

    Fine cuddle-buddy for ailing husband

    I purchased the Creature Comforts as a mood-lifter for my husband who's going to have a rough summer of medical treatment. Washed it once is cold water with cool dry to remove any sizing and it softened up beautifully. Great weight for tossing over your legs with the AC gets too much. He's thrilled and it makes me smile every time I see it. Thank you, Calamityware -- you're right, Things Could Always Be Worse.

    Cristina C.
    Wonderful throw, can I have a king size too?

    I am absolutely in love with this throw. Size is perfection. It arrived just in time to comfort me thru recovery from spinal surgery. The quality is top notch, I would absolutely buy one in a king size if there was one available. And the fabric feels like those squishy muslin swaddle blankets for babies, but quilted. It is a delight.

    Barbara B.
    Artisan quality

    My creature comfort throw arrived today, and I love it! The material is densely woven, but soft, not too heavy, and the pattern is perfectly delightful. Sadly, though, since it’s 10:45 pm, and the temperature is still 80 degrees, I’m probably a few months away from really being able to put it to proper use, so till then, it’s draped across a chair back and I just get to sit across the room and gaze at it longingly.

    Jules B.
    A great gift!

    I had perused all things Calamityware for some time. Looking for the perfect surprise gift for my daughter. Then along comes the Creature Comfort throw and my hunt was done! She received it today and it was as good as I had hoped! Packaging - great; Throw - excellent craftsmanship and materials - she loves it!! What more can I say? Grab one while you can!! I hope there will be more in the future!

    Steve D.
    just what i wanted

    i bought two and haven't used them yet but they seem to be just what i old fashioned two sided thin cotton quilt with the stitching and design are on both sides. i do wish i could have a queen sized version for the bed. Store bought quilts these days are nothing but eight inches of bating and slippery fabric that slides off the bed from gravity alone. This throw is sturdy, comfortable, and good looking. The material is slightly gathered. Looks awesome. The daughters and granddaughters are already competing for it. Good thing i bought two.

    Anne F.
    Checks all the blanket boxes

    It is beautiful, it is soft, it has just enough heft to be satisfying without being cumbersome.

    ...and fortunately (?) all the air conditioning is in the room with me, so I can enjoy it right now


    I just got my blanket today, and it is amazing. It is not too heavy, or too light, the pattern is incredible, and the colors are the perfect neutrals without being boring. It is also a good size for a throw. Perfect for cuddling up with hot cocoa and the creature of your choice. Just not now, as it is 104 here most days. Meanwhile, it looks great on my chair.

    Kevin W.
    Wowed by quality

    Just received today and now I can’t wait for cooler weather to test out a nap 💤 !These are very well done and we could not be happier!

    Karen K.
    Amazingly soft and luxurious!

    Just got my two today - dang I should have ordered 4! They are beautiful and look amazing on the bed!