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Monster Etiquette Book
Monster Etiquette Book
Monster Etiquette Book
Monster Etiquette Book
Monster Etiquette Book

Monster Etiquette Book

$ 14.95

We are surrounded by rude, loud, smelly, selfish creatures who don’t know how to behave. Don Moyer decided to do something about it. This book offers 50 principles to help the ill-mannered behave with civility and grace.

Each of the captions in this book is a small poem. It has been said that a good poem helps change the shape of the universe. Well these aren’t that kind of poem, but they get the job done and may make you smile.

As a public service, Don illustrated these principles to make them vivid and easy to remember. Also, it was an excuse for Don to draw strange creatures doing rude things.

Hardcover book written and illustrated by Don Moyer. The size is 4.1" x 5.8" (105 mm x 148 mm). Sixty-eight black and white pages plus color end sheets and a color dust jacket. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Hilarious Tips

I threw a party and this one of the prizes that could be won. Many of the guests started reading different pages out loud to the group and commenting how, yes, society does need this book because some things are inexcusable in public!

What Every Monster Should Read.

So well written that everyone could understand the importance of "make sense" common courtesies. The illustrations were so wonderful, that I couldn't wait to turn the page!

I love/ Kids love/ WE LOVE

Superb!!! Engaging & Entertaining for Kids of all ages.
Easily the best teaching material teaching material for the Education of Manners in this World.

Monster Etiquette

Great little book. Very entertaining. Bought it for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it. First edition arrived damaged, but folks at Calamity Ware sent out a replacement immediately. Super company. Thanks, Guys and girls!

A hoot

Tiny book, like the delicious artisan cocktail at a fancy joint that makes you wonder why you paid so much for such a small drink but after you finish it the world is a brighter, happier place where tiny books like this one belong under every Christmas tree.

Not really for 5 year olds

This book is a little too mature for my 5 year old grandson. It has jokes about staring at breasts and crotches and other sexual & crude references. It would be fine for teenagers & above. The book is gift size & format, slightly bigger than a post card.

Perfect for the Littlest of Monsters

People are horribly bad mannered. Nobody wants to learn etiquette from humans. Bought this little gem of wisdom to read to my granddaughter. Illustrations are brilliant, as usual. Witty, humorous. Perfect gift size.