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What's the Deal with these Postcards?

Logical, Captain

To give Calamityware supporters a pleasant little extra surprise, I include a few postcards in each shipment of Calamityware plates and BADbandanas. It makes opening the package more fun. The mix of cards is random. I know because the Amazing Karen and I sort bazillions of them into envelopes at night while we are watching TV. There are twelve different designs so far. The "Spork" postcard generates the most thank-you notes. And, yes, I plan to continue adding new designs to be included in future projects.

One of the postcards is very rare. So rare that I don't even have one to photograph. Are you one the the lucky Calamityware supporters who owns this postcard?

If not, you can try again by buying more stuff at!


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  • Jul 04, 2022

    How about a Tarot deck?

    — Marianne Lerro

  • Feb 14, 2022

    Please send your postcards in packs! I love sending postcards and there is a dearth of delightfully weird ones.

    — Lisa

  • Aug 08, 2020

    Any chance you might sell your postcards in packs? I LOVE the ones I got with our shipment and would love to send them to more people (particularly Evil Twins because I missed getting in on the puzzle waaaaaah).

    Thank you!
    Hannah Pearce

    — Hannah Pearce

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