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Origins: Calamityware Plate 2

I captured some of my insights and discoveries during the creation of the first four Calamityware plates. I thought you might like a glimpse of the creative process so I decided to do a four-part Origins series for the Calamityware Blog. Today is Giant Robots!



My sketchbooks are filled with different versions of giant robots—a theme that has been revisited over and over.


When I started drawing old plates with new calamities, this sketch with a robot threatening paradise appeared.


Robots need shrubbery to lurk in, so I sketched a variety of plants.


Experimented with some fancy chrome robots but decided a simple, boxy silhouette with a stippled gradation would work best.


Make sure the giant robot is looking directly at the resident.


Reaction of a panicked resident ensures that the robot looks threatening, not benign. Reaction is a little funnier when the cat remains oblivious.


To hint that we are actually rooting for the giant robot, I added robots in the ornaments of the plates border. He also appears on the back of the plate.


To reward people who are looking closely, I included a face in among the ornaments of the plate’s edge.


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  • Aug 02, 2019

    I would love a shirt or mug with that original line art. I just built an army of 40,000 robots and not one of them got me a world’s greatest mom mug for mother’s day.

    — Kelly Recinos

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