FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more

FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more


Free shipping on orders over $200

Hallelujah! Calamityware is offering free shipping for orders over $200.

As carriers continue to raise their prices, we like the idea of helping our customers with the high costs of shipping. We’ve decided to cover the shipping costs of U.S. orders over $200.

A few things to note:

1. This only applies to U.S. orders. The $200 threshold must be met by taking into account the product costs only, not including taxes.

2. Free shipping means we get to choose the shipping method. We plan to pick the most economical, and probably the slowest, method. If you need your order pronto, you can forgo the free shipping offer and pay for another shipping method.

3. Free shipping applies to one order over $200 to one destination. You won't get free shipping if you send multiple orders to multiple locations. You also can't combine multiple orders to reach the $200.

4. Our return policy still stands, which requires the customer to cover the cost of the return shipping.

5. If you entered the wrong shipping address and you need us to reship your order to a corrected address, you will need to pay the shipping fee to have the order sent back out.

6. We will run this offer until at least December 31, 2020.

7. If you have a question about this offer, email Please do not post questions here in the blog comments. They may not be seen.

14 Responses

Fan from Australia

November 21, 2023

This is a fabulous offer for free shipping within US.
Any progress on returning to offering direct shipping to other countries again?


October 30, 2023

Hello All,

How in the world do you expect the Sellers of these whimsical items to survive if they don’t charge shipping to a separate country or don’t charge shipping when you plan to send items to FOUR different addresses? I am gobsmacked by this entitled behavior. And then to shockingly make it about Canada vs the US. Yikes maybe “ things could be worse”…

Steve V

October 30, 2023

Shipping is shipping. Yes, it is high outside the US, but that also goes for things coming from Canada into the US. Just look at the prices and shipping rates from Linus Tech Tips Store to the US. The economies do differ based on that stupid line dividing one great nation from the USA.

Maddy rose

August 30, 2023

To the Canadians who think shipping is hard,

Try living in Australia.
Plus the conversion to AUD.

Hush and enjoy your products.


July 02, 2021

Dear Canadians,
Please respect the Time, Effort, and Beautiful Artistry the originators have offered you. If you would like the product then you should pay them accordingly. If you truly want this piece, then, you can kindly make yourself able to pay for the shipping.
This Company has given a gift. if you want it….. then all you have to do is accept it gracefully. By paying your own dues.

Warm Regards To all,

Uncle Sam

December 09, 2020

Canadians like to gripe and complain and then make snarky comments about their neighbors to the south. Learn to read. Read number 7 above as to why you aren’t getting an answer to your questions.
7. If you have a question about this offer, email Please do not post questions here in the blog comments. They may not be seen.

J Dee

November 25, 2020

Not even a reply to or acknowledgement of the many Canadians’ requests for some type of a break on shipping. Wow! Calamitous customer service. Why would I order from you?

Valerie Foster

November 20, 2020

I would happily order over $200 worth of your products, but alas, I live in Canada.
(Actually other than being excluded from offers like this, I’m very happy to live in Canada, the alternative south of our border does not bear thinking about!).
Why not include us in this free shipping offer?


November 12, 2020

Yes! How about Canadians?
I know I would be spending more, if I didn’t have to factor in shipping and perhaps duty.


November 03, 2020

WELL dang it – I surely wish I had seen this before I just placed my order that ended up with ~ 50$ worth of shipping!

I would have ordered more plates instead because the order ended up coming to about $200 !!! AND I searched to see if there was a discount code or something…

I know shipping costs suck, but a tickler at checkout saying spend $200 and shipping is free would be nice. IF THERE IS ONE I totally missed it… which means, MAKE IT GLOW please…

The Giant Robot

October 09, 2020

@Lynn Hock and @John Reay, our platform does not allow for one order to be shipped to multiple addresses. You have to create new orders for each address you want something shipped to. The free shipping only applies to a single order, which can only ship to a single address, and orders can’t be combined to total the $200 to get the free shipping.

Lynn Hock

October 09, 2020

Hi Calamityware,
You are fantastic.
If I were to place an order over $200 for the free shipping offer, does everything need to ship to the same address, or is it possible for me to split my order and have you ship to two, or possibly three addresses?

Please advise, as soon as you escape that zombie poodle attack…

Lynn H / NY

Jody Trautman

October 09, 2020

What about us unlucky Canadians??

John Reay

October 09, 2020

I am thinking of sending a four pack of cups to four friends – separate addresses.

Does the free shipping apply to my total cost?
Is there an easy way to consolidate four sales into one or do I have to ‘start over’ with each request?


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