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FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more


Sasquatch Style Guide

Meet Sas. 

While Sas is not technically an employee of Calamityware, she occasionally allows us to photograph her for our website. When she isn't out scavenging or befriending hikers, she is back at her hovel restoring discarded furniture, baking, and having tea.

Her Home Decor Style: 

She describes her style as classy for being a hairy, woodsy creature. She loves providing gracious hospitality to lost hikers, hunters, and fellow 'squatches. While her home's base is built of mud, sticks, trees, and moss, she collects vintage items left behind or dumped by humans in the woods. Her collection includes an old stove, refrigerator, couch, lamp, and wooden china cabinet which create a very cozy and put-together feel. 

Her Color Palette:

Her home has foresty earth tones including browns, greens, and grays. For a lively pop of color, she loves to incorporate high-vis hunter orange, and has an easy time finding that color fabric in the woods to repurpose as pillows, curtains, and napkins. 
If her aesthetic matches yours or someone you know, read on to see what items she loves and recommends.   

Surprisingly Classy

Her prized possession is her Things Could Be Worse Tea Set, which she saw in the window of a camp down the road and "forever-borrowed" later than night. She never misses afternoon tea and loves hosting outdoor tea parties and watching her cryptid friends laugh when they see her making a guest appearance  streaking across the cups.

Practical Beauty

Things Could Be Worse Mugs

"Don't talk to Sas until she's had her coffee." She is typically very friendly, but only speaks in grunts and growls before caffeine. She doesn't have a coffee pot but loves brewing a french press full of bean water and gulping it down in her favorite mugs. She has no problem admitting she loves this pattern because she appears on it once again. 

Sasquatch Dinner Plates

Sas is not a fan of having her picnics on paper or styrofoam single-use plates. She loves being eco friendly and cutting back on waste by reusing her Sasquatch dinner plates. These are dishwasher safe but she washes them in the river on account of living off the grid, and having limited electricity. 


Sasquatch Scarfs and Ties

Sas typically walks around o-natural, but she does love to accessorize. The Sasquatch Silks collection includes scarves, ties, and pocket squares. She bought the whole matching collection for her family portraits this summer.

We hope you found this style guide useful in curating your perfect space. Please email us at with any feedback.
Sas and The Calamityware Team

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