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Spooky Punk Goth Meets Calamityware

Meet Brandy.  

She is one of eight Calamityware team members. She handles Product Development for us. She loves to go see bands, play and hike with her pup, and garden in her free time.

Her Home Decor Style: 
She describes her style as Spooky Goth Punk. When guests enter her home, it is not uncommon for them to ask if she decorated for Halloween early, but that is just her year-round decor. She uses spooky touches like skulls, crows, and bats, mixed with goth cast iron oddities, topped off with a little punk in the form of framed band posters. 
Her Color Palette:
Purple is her favorite color, but black and grays reign supreme in her color scape. She also incorporates pops of bright color and gold for some visual interest.
If her aesthetic matches yours or someone you know, read on to see what items she loves and recommends.   

Spooky Goth

Kitchen Witch

The subtle black and white Kitchen Witch pattern is perfect for almost any table scape, and is detailed enough to provide your anti-social guests something to stare at while you dine.

For the perfect goth table setting, Brandy pairs these textiles with golden candle sticks, fresh roses, and a skull or two on her antique wooden table. And of course, goblets for the red wine!

Pattern also available in a cozy wool scarf and kitchen protection talisman. 

A Touch of Punk

Sasquatch Silks

Brandy is always changing her hair color but no matter what color it is, the Sasquatch Silk has the perfect colors to compliment it. She also loves the Strawberry Thieves Scarf (shown on Brandy in intro). These are perfect for tying her hair back when she is gardening or traveling to see a band.

Zombie Poodle

Zombies are punk on their own, now add a pup to the mix and it is the ultimate combination of punk and cute. Brandy loves to incorporate new items that look old into her home, and this traditional pattern with a twist is just the right mix to make the cut.

Creepy. Crawly. Cozy.

Creature Comfort Throw

One of her favorite Calamityware items is the Creature Comfort Throw Blanket. She basically lives under this throw year round and cannot comprehend how it stays the perfect temperature no matter what the thermostat is doing. What's more cozy to a goth than being wrapped in bats and bugs?

 We hope you find these tips inspiring for curating your perfect home. 

- Brandy and The Calamityware Team

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