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Cozy Eclectic Meets Calamityware

Meet Sam.

She is one of eight Calamityware team members. She handles marketing for us. She loves to paint, garden, and hang out with her two cats in her free time. 

Her Home Decor Style:
Her home is cozy and eclectic with lots of house plants and natural elements. Her walls are filled with weird and custom art that makes her smile, and her home is full of new and vintage pieces that are functional, beautiful, and a little strange.

Her Color Palette:
Warm browns with pops of green, blue, orange, and red. Mixed woods and metals.

If her aesthetic matches yours or someone you know, read on to see what items she loves and recommends.   

Eclectic Cozy 

Throw Blankets

Subtle, colorful, and charming designs bring personality and life to any chair or couch. Their woven quilt-like texture is cozy, durable, and interesting. Available in two colors and patterns. 

A Touch of Nature

Flora, Fauna, & Aliens Tea Towels

This pattern features exotic plants, capybaras, visitors from outer space and more, all on a neutral colored tea towel she thinks is perfect for bringing life into the kitchen or as a bathroom hand-towel. 

Frogs Dinner Plate

She loves frogs and used to be obsessed with catching them as a child. Having a porcelain dinner plate full of frogs makes her giggle and is slightly more refined than playing in the pond muck searching for them.


Beast Bowls

Sam's favorite multi-functional pieces are Beast Bowls. They are perfect for serving chips and dip, using as food and water bowls for her cats, or planting succulents in. These nest for easy storage and come in a set, or individual bowls. 


 We hope you find these tips inspiring for curating your perfect home. 

-Sam and The Calamityware Team

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