T-Shirts 2.0

We recently decided to take our t-shirts a little more seriously. Instead of continuing with online, on-demand services, we switched to printing t-shirts here in Pittsburgh so we can improve a couple things: 

1. Better Availability
T-shirts will now be available at Calamityware.com along with all of our other products. You will no longer have to leave our site and create a new transaction. Also, since shirts will already be printed and at our fulfillment site, they will ship immediately.

2. Better Printing
We found a Pittsburgh-based screen printing shop, Commonwealth Press, who is on board with all of our silliness. Since they are so close to our homes, we are able to stop by and check an ink color or to slip a little surprise into each shirt package. We think Commonwealth Press knows what we like and they will make sure everything is looking good before they are shipped to you.

3. Better Garments
Most on-demand t-shirt printers use several different brands of garments which made it a bit of a guessing game when choosing color or size. We will now be using only Bella+Canvas garments for consistency. We have chosen soft and not too thin 100% cotton shirts for these designs. Some designs have a relaxed women's cut available. All designs have a unisex option that will look good on most two-armed creatures.

4. Better Customer Service
The Calamityware team works very hard to provide you with top-notch service and, unfortunately, with our previous t-shirt printer we had no insight into your orders. We never knew how long orders were taking. If something went wonky, we couldn’t jump in and help. We didn’t even know who you were so we could write you an apology. That’s no way to achieve superior customer service. The Giant Robot, who’s responsible for customer service, didn’t like not being able to help. Now the Robot is happy and that’s the most important thing.

So, here is our first batch of designs. They will look familiar to anyone who has purchased Calamityware t-shirts in the past. We think the overall quality upgrade make these really awesome. We hope you like them, too. We have a couple more t-shirt designs in mind that we hope to introduce in 2019. We promise to keep our t-shirt line fresh and ridiculous. As always, let us know what you think.


4 Responses


December 29, 2023

Please do a t-shirt or a mug or a bowl that features the Sitting Cat nonchalantly watching Calamities go by .


December 12, 2018

Monkey? You’ve got our cat working and modeling for you now?

Stephanie K Mascis

November 30, 2018

That zipper hoodie would be a swell thing for the chilly winter months.

Joseph Pettini

November 30, 2018

Is there any chance of a zipper hoodie by special order?

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