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Creature Comfort

Curl up with a plethora of beasts, bats, and bugs found on bedding, playing cards, and mugs. We might be known for our Things-Could-Be-Worse mugs, but our bedding and thow blanket are equally beloved by our customers.

Throw Blanket

We worked with the Piscatextil workshop in Portgual to make a warm, cozy throw blanket. From afar, this beautiful, high-quality throw looks regal and refined with its navy and cream color palette. But up close, it is unexpectedly covered in beasts, bats, and bugs.

"I am in love. This thing is the yummiest! I can't tell you how luxurious it feels to wrap myself it this gorgeous throw and snuggle up on the couch with my doggies!"—Jay B.


Like the throw blanket, the Queen- and King-sized bedding is made on a centro jacquard loom. Soft and cozy, and tightly woven from miles of pure cotton, this bedding is washable and durable, which is a bonus if Fido and Fluffy like to lay on your bed.

"So beautiful! I do not believe I’ve ever bought anything that so exceeded my expectations as this magnificent bedding."—Susan W.

Playing Cards

The Creature Comfort pattern made its debut on the back of our playing cards—originally named after the face card creatures noshing on their favorite comfort foods.

These cards have over 4,500 creatures, available with red or black backs, and are made in the U.S. on heavy, opaque, slippery, linen-finish cards with rounded corners.

"Fully infested playing cards. Truly unique. Usually collectable decks concentrate on the design on the back of cards and on the face cards but leave the pips alone. In this deck you have have a different creature for each suit."—Chrystina S.


Or maybe a new mug is what you really need? These 15-ounce Creature Comfort mugs are one of our rare straight-sided mugs, which some folks say makes them less likely to topple over.

"The best mug ever. Love these mugs so much I've abandoned all my other favorites! They are very popular in my house. Love the shape, size and design. The whole creature comfort line is divine."—Karen K.