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Exercising Demons Water Bottles: Kickstarter Project

Tired of your plain, boring, single-colored water bottle? How about a sturdy, insulated, stainless steel water bottle decorated with a dignified pattern of demons engaged in wholesome exercise? Pledge your support of this new Kickstarter project, and later this year, you, too, can be exercising your demons.

Things-Could-Be-Worse Silks

Don't you hate when a company identifies their most popular design or pattern and just plasters it on any product they can think of? If you don't hate that, you might be interested in our brand new Things Could Be Worse silk scarves and ties. Available on a square scarf, long scarf, necktie, and pocket square.

Kitchen Witch Scarf

Introducing the Kitchen Witch scarf. This luxuriously soft, lightweight, wool scarf will make your afternoon chores slightly more bearable.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Is your best friend moving to a new home? Maybe they could use a little Calamityware in their lives. Check out our selection of housewarming gift ideas—silly and beautiful, just like your friendship.

Creature Comfort Bedspreads


Creature Comfort bedspreads now a Kickstarter project.


Malevolent Spirits

See various types of malevolent household spirits in Don's latest blog post.

Calamityware Hoodies

It's chilly here in Pittsburgh. What's the weather like where you are? Need a warm hoodie to get you through the rest of winter? We've got a few designs to choose from, including our Unspecified Sports Team hoodie—perfect for showing your lack of interest for the big game.

Slimy Sea Monsters

Have a love of mythical sea creatures? You might appreciate our small collection of Slimy Sea Monster products. Wear them on your shirt, eat dinner off of them, shower with them, or spread them all over your dining room table as you try to solve one of the most challenging puzzles.