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Don’s Faulty Predictions

Someone with mastery of a subject, say baking, knows what will happen next. She grasps the implications of changing ingredients, oven temperature, or cooking times. A novice, on the other hand, is surprised by events and spends far more time cleaning up messes.

I made a prediction recently and it was all wrong. 

I’ve been working on a jigsaw puzzle design that depicts a crowd scene with more than 100 faces. I’m hoping to make it a Kickstarter project in August. It will be a fun puzzle to solve because of the detail of so many similar but different faces.

I thought it might be fun to include a few faces of people who have supported my projects. So two weeks ago, we invited folks to submit face photos. Based on the lackluster performance of previous contests, I predicted maybe a half dozen people would respond. My prediction was way off. I’ve been flooded with face photos—far too many to use.

This surprise thing keeps happening to me. I predict what will happen and then I’m surprised by what really happens. Will it ever stop?

Most of the pictures I received are excellent—straight on head shots with ample lighting and sharp details. I decided to arbitrarily limit myself to 36—six times more than I originally planned.

Here’s what the preliminary drawings look like in my sketchbook.


 Later, I add color to digital copies of my drawings. The result looks something like this. 


 And finally, the colored faces will be combined to make a crowd like this...but with far more people.


One more prediction from Don: I predict that my future predictions will be wildly inaccurate.


PS: In July when I know who is going to be in the final puzzle design, I’ll try to contact those people by email.

2 Responses

Don Moyer

June 10, 2016

Mary, Both are fun. Some days are people days when my fellow human beings look interesting and deserve to be drawn. Other days are monster days and call for stretching to include things with horns, snouts, pointy teeth, and wings. Don

Mary Glanville

June 10, 2016

Fun stuff! I love it! I have to ask…. Now that you’ve been drawing humans and monsters, which do you prefer as subject matter?

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