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In the Beginning

The very first sponsor of the very first Calamityware plate, was Jeff (pictured above). That was early November 2013. This week, I asked Jeff how this happened. Here’s Jeff’s reply...

I’m fond of poking around new Kickstarter projects, looking for great ideas hidden amongst the hundreds of new projects, and giving them a nudge. Indeed this is how I spotted Calamityware a year ago, a bit buried on Kickstarer with no backers, I thought “No, this isn’t just a great idea, it’s brilliant! This has to happen.” A few posts later on Reddit and some tweets, and here we are.

While I realize that some people collect and display plates as a hobby, I decided to put ours into service. They are impressively made, with a great weight and feel to them. Very sturdy.

So we’re three plates in now (and can’t wait for #4), and Calamityware plates have become the talk of our house at dinner parties. Everyone makes a grab for them, be it the kids or grandparents. The most fun comes from the double take that occurs when someone new sees their first Calamityware plate. We often hear the comment to the effect, “These are really classy.” And then…they see monsters. :-)


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