Plates are shipping! Calamityware plate 4 design is ready!

The labels are going on the boxes and the boxes are going on the truck. The first shipment of Calamityware plates (1s, 2s, and 3s) are going out the door today (Thursday, July 31). More will trickle out each day for the next few weeks. You should all be dining with monkeys, robots, and sea monsters before the end of August.

If you are expecting multiple Calamityware plate designs from our online store and/or Kickstarter, the workshop is combining orders into consolidated shipments. Some customers will be getting big boxes.

If you are one of the people still waiting for orders from back in the spring, they are finally shipping too.

First, eat your vegetables…then you can have dessert. Mom always insisted that we attend to our duties before moving on to delightful pastimes. Mom was right. For those of you interested, I'm postponing the launch of the fourth Calamityware plate on Kickstarter for two weeks to ensure that there are no distractions from the task of getting the current backlog of plate orders out.

I'm going to launch the next Kickstarter project, Calamityware plate 4, on August 15 and let it run for 30 days. If that project gets enough sponsors, we’ll start production near October 1. Our goal will be to get all sponsors their Calamityware 4 plates by December 1—in time for holiday gift giving.

You can receive news about designing, producing, and enjoying Calamityware plate by liking the Calamityware Facebook page. 

And if you want to fill gaps in your Calamityware plate collection, you can find earlier plates at


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