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Breaking BADbandanas

This is getting serious. On Friday a pre-production proof of the BADbandana arrived and it looks great. All the creatures appear in their assigned places. The image above shows close ups of some of the individual creatures in the pattern. 

At first, BADbandana looks just like the traditional bandanas I grew up with. But a closer look reveals a host of pleasantly nasty entities.

On Saturday, I washed the sample four times and the deep blue didn't change. Laundering did soften the fabric slightly. No shrinkage. Edge stitching remained tight and straight. All systems go.

If you are one of the Kickstarter sponsors who pledged for one pack of BADbandanas, I urge you to bump up your pledge to get two packs. BADbandanas are going to make unique and astonishing gifts in 2015.

Remember, this project closes at the end of the month. So if you know someone who’d appreciate beautiful, useful, and funny bandanas, steer them to this project soon.

Thanks everyone for your amazing support.


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