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Calamityware 4: Fast or Right?

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Another shipment of Calamityware 4 (UFO invasion) plates reached Fulfillrite this morning. So more plates are on the way to their new homes. Most of you will get an email notification with a tracking number when your shipment starts to move. That’s a vast improvement over our old system.

Unfortunately, the final batch of Calamityware 4 plates ran into an unexpected production problem. Some of the transfers didn't look right and were rejected. They just weren’t perfect. While those transfers are being replaced, the final Calamityware 4 plates can't be produced. So a few supporters of this Kickstarter project are going to get plates later than I planned.

It will only take a few days to get the replacement transfers. But then a few more days to apply the transfers, dry the transfers, fire the plates, pack, get them to the fulfillment center, and ship. It all adds up. Soon two weeks goes by. So my original plan to have all the UFO plates out by Thanksgiving has fallen through. For a few of you, it is going to be mid December. An amazing number of things will have to go wrong to jeopardize that plan.

I’m really very sorry that this final shipment is going to be late for some of you. But the choice was between fast and right. For plates that might be around for decades, it seems more important to make them right than to make them fast. I hope you agree.


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