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2023 Holiday Shipping Cutoff Dates

You might be wondering what the cutoff dates are in order to have your packages delivered in time for Christmas gift giving. Well, the cutoff date depends on the method of shipping you choose, and how far from New Jersey your package needs to travel, since we ship out of New Jersey.

The following information comes from Fulfillrite, the folks who dispatch our orders. These are good guidelines for shipments in the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and Alaska), but please don't hold us responsible for your package not arriving when you hoped it would. We don't have any control over the delivery time after it leaves our hands. Nothing is guaranteed.

Also, please be aware that we do not ship out on Saturday or Sunday, so orders need to be placed by 12 noon Friday before weekend deadlines. The FedEx options we offer do not deliver on Saturdays. Please plan accordingly. Even though these are dates provided by the carriers, the carriers are notoriously over-capacity during this time, and you should give yourself a few extra days to be safe.

For domestic shipments, the suggested cutoff dates per carrier are:

December 16: USPS First-class Mail
December 18: USPS Priority Mail
December 20: USPS Priority Mail Express

December 13: FedEx SmartPost
December 15: FedEx Ground/FedEx Home Delivery
December 19: FedEx Express Saver
December 20: FedEx Express 2-Day

December 14: Parcel Ground
December 15: Parcel Expedited

For Canadian shipments, please refer to this website for USPS schedules, or here for FedEx schedules.

If you have questions, please contact us at We don't have the ability to respond to questions posed in comments below.

2 Responses

Sandra Duncan

December 18, 2023

Just needed to let you know I recently had a dream where I was visiting Amy Sedaris and her dining table was covered in Calamityware. As it should be.

Marilyn Heckendorn

December 11, 2023

Thank you for the dates for shipping packages AND for the explanation about how to think about planning!!!!! Some folk just don’t understand that you can’t be responsible for everything!

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