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Auditioning Volcanos

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Auditioning Volcanos

When I was designing the volcano Calamityware plate, I sketched at least a dozen alternatives before I found the right volcano to star in the role of calamity. 

Sketches of alternative volcanos

The winner was the one on the right. It has simple but dramatic clouds and a craggy volcanic cone. In my final design, I added lava in the foreground and a threatening sky to complete the calamity. 

I love that roiling, ominous sky.

Do you like to see how the designs evolve? I've posted more design backstories here (flying monkeys), here (giant robot), and here (voracious sea monster).

Production jumpstart. As you may have heard, I already authorized production to start based on the initial support of this project. So, barring any calamities, shipping can start soon after the project closes (at the end of June) and I collect addresses. Much earlier than initially expected.


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