Things-Could-Be-Worse Mugs Backstory

Sometimes, I like to give you a look behind the curtain so you can see how my products are developed. Let's talk mugs.

Magic—a curved drawing becomes flat when applied to a cone.

Magic—a curved drawing becomes flat when applied to a cone.

Warped Perspective

Here’s the distorted final drawing I created. Bending my drawing into an arc ensures that when it is transferred to the conical form of the mug, the image will end up looking flat again. To me it seems like some Euclidian magic trick. But it works.

I made multiple refinements to get the curve right and make sure that the width of the image wasn’t too narrow or too wide.


Auditioning not-pterodactyls.

Not a pterodactyl

Those menacing creatures in my drawing are really pteranodons, right? You probably already knew that. Experts can tell because the head has a crest. I called them pterodactyls because it is such a cool name and familiar word. Pterodactyl has a high creep-factor score. But whatever you call them, I think you’ll agree, these creatures are another good reason to wear a hat.


Auditioning frogs in Don’s sketchbook.

Plagued By Frogs

The drawing above is from the sketches I did of frogs. Only one of these majestic creatures made the final cut to be included on the Things-Could-Be-Worse Mug. But a whole plague of frogs will probably be included on some future Calamityware plate.

If you are new to Calamityware plate collecting, you can find the plates you missed at


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Cathey Thomas

July 27, 2020

So when are you coming out with a Coronavirus series?

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