T-C-B-W Mugs: Perfectionism

Pursuing perfection. The first prototype of the Things-Could-Be-Worse Mug were almost perfect. But there were a few tiny refinements I wanted to make. Even though it required extra time, I’m glad I decided to chase perfection. I hope you agree.
The biggest problem with the first prototype was the flying saucers. I had made the line weights of the original drawing a little too light—too delicate. They needed more oomph. Last week, the second prototype arrived and it’s perfect. I’m delighted that I chose to make those details stronger.

Almost perfect (left) and perfect (right).

 While I refined the artwork, I tweaked a few other details to nudge the design toward perfection. Since some of these mugs may still be around in a hundred years, it seems right to shoot for perfection.

Production is underway at the Kristoff workshop. Our goal is to load mugs on a ship before the end of September. Initially, I expected to get mugs to my sponsors early in November. We might be able to do better than that.


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Fran Augusta

September 28, 2020

Yes! Flying monkey mugs would be great! When my son was little his father used to tell him there were flying monkeys up in the trees and if he went out alone they would fly down and attack him. We laugh about it now so these mugs would be perfect!

carol Blum

July 05, 2020

I just read Eileen Erway’s comment. I would love a set of Flying Monkey mugs too. if you decide to try them I bet they would be a big hit.

Eileen Erway

June 22, 2020

Calamityware is new to me and I gaze with longing at plates and bowls and serving sets… but I can afford the mugs and was really hoping to get a set of flying monkey mugs. Have you ever produced flying monkey mugs? Any chance of a secondary market? Any chance of future production of flying monkey mugs? Flying monkey mugs just rolls off your tongue. What better mug material could you ask for?
Most sincerely,

Gaye Pietrocola

February 16, 2017

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these mugs!!!!!!!!

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