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Bad Neighborhood Puzzle Update

Puzzle-lovers care about details. So, let me say a few things about quality.

The Bad Neighborhood jigsaw puzzles are being produced by the Drescher team in Buffalo, NY. They have been doing amazing things with paper since 1867. I chose Drescher because they are one of the premier puzzle producers in North America and really understand puzzle quality. Here are some of the factors that make the Bad Neighborhood puzzles great.

These puzzle pieces are a distinctive slate blue. That’s how you can tell they are produced using Eska puzzle board imported from a special mill in Holland. This board is specifically formulated for puzzle production with gap-free adhesive layers to bond multiple sheets together to make a flat, rigid board. Unlike ordinary cardboard, puzzle board rarely delaminates. With puzzle board, you’ll also find less paper dust in your bag. I love this board and its distinctive color.

Back of puzzle piece on Eska puzzle board. 
Back of puzzle piece on Eska puzzle board.
Frog fingers. The fingers on the puzzle pieces are slightly bulbous at the ends like the fingers of frogs (see picture above). That means the pieces are fully-interlocking when snapped together. When you find the correct home for a puzzle piece and snap it into position, it will stay put.

The kiss of steel. The puzzle pieces are die cut by dozens of carefully fashioned steel blades working under extreme pressure (550 tons). These specialized blades are custom made for Drescher by master craftsmen in Europe. Precision blades ensure that each cut is precise and clean. You won’t find burrs or nits. And the pressure of the blades also gently bevels the edges of the puzzle pieces to produce the delightful pillowy look that I find so attractive in a puzzle piece.

Beveled edges create the distinctive pillowy look. 
Beveled edges create the distinctive pillowy look.
Escape-proof chamber. Because the pieces are fully-interlocking, mechanical fingers must tease them apart before the pieces can be bagged. This happens in a special confined space to ensure that all 768 pieces go into the bag. As soon as the pieces are captured, the bag is sealed to prevent run aways. If you think a piece is missing from your puzzle, it’s probably at your house. Look under your sofa.

That’s not all. I’m also delighted with Drescher’s aqueous coatings, environmentally friendly adhesives, and box-building magic. But I risk sounding like a total bore if I go any deeper. The big message is this…at Drescher, I found a truly first-class team to make your puzzles. I’m so pleased.

There's just a week left for this Kickstarter project. Tell your puzzle-loving friends about Bad Neighborhood and please consider bumping your pledge level up a notch so you’ll have puzzle gifts to give for the holidays.

In my next update, I'll tell you about the amazing bonus you are going to get. 


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Monica DiFranco

August 26, 2021

I just ordered two of your puzzles, Rogues Gallery and Apes & Aliens, but I can’t find a way to order Bad Neighborhood. What’s the scoop?


January 22, 2021

Is the Bad Neighborhood puzzle available yet?

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