About evil twins

Seeing double. Sometimes two people can look the same. That’s what twins, clones, lookalikes, doppelgängers, body doubles, and dead ringers are all about.

This can’t be good. In folklore and fiction, duplicate characters are always sinister. A look-alike doesn’t glide into your life to enhance your résumé or help you with tedious chores. Instead, a clone is likely to steal your career, hijack your friends, and abscond with your favorite jacket.

Not all bad. One good thing about physically identical characters is this. They have made a lot of books, movies, and conspiracy theories more interesting. Wikipedia has an impressively long list.

Many plots hinge on the ability of someone to differentiate the duplicate from the original. So spotting look-alikes is a useful skill everyone should practice. It’s not easy. For example, Dolly Parton claims that she once lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. If identifying clones was easy, that couldn’t happen.



My latest Kickstarter project—the Evil Twins jigsaw puzzle can help you sharpen your look-alike recognition skills. This +750-piece puzzle has hundreds of faces from my sketchbooks. Many of them are twins. I counted more than 90 pairs and even a few triples. And I may have missed some.

So the puzzle presents a double challenge—first, assembling the puzzle and then, finding all the look-alikes. (There’s also a 100-piece bonus mystery puzzle included for anyone who wants an additional challenge.)



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Joseph Hilton

November 10, 2016

I absolutely love Don’s crazy interpretations of everyday life. His creations are truly mind blowing and whimsical, reminiscent of storybook creatures and monsters from childhood. I have purchased several of Don’s letterpress prints and WOW I was not disappointed. His monsters and creatures captivate the mind and bring joy to my face. I have the “You are here” and “Octopedestrians” prints displayed in my patient exam rooms and patients ranging from young children to great grandmothers comments on how interesting, funny, and beautiful they are. I truly love Dons artwork and am proud to display all his monsters and creatures. Keep up the good work Don, looking forward towards your next letterpress artwork.

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