Complain Episode 5: False Dichotomies

I want to talk to you today about false dichotomies.
Start looking for them and you’ll see they are everywhere.
People ask me, Don are you foolish or just unlucky?
That’s a false dichotomy.
It’s not actually an either-or thingie.
I may be both stupid AND unlucky.
Or, theoretically, I might be neither.
(Although there’s little evidence to support that notion.)
Let me give you one more example that you can probably relate to.
People ask would you like your pizza with pepperoni OR sausage?
Another false dichotomy.
I would like BOTH.

October, 2023

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November 21, 2023

thanks for all you do. every item has found a happy (if catastrophic) home somewhere, being treasured and loved.

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