Complain Episode 4: Bad Weather

If you are like me, you pay a lot of attention to the weather.
I’m delighted by pleasant days.
Bad weather irks me.
I’m talking about cold drizzle, lashing winds, or blizzards.
Here’s a notion that keeps me smiling even when the weather is at its worst.
There’s something worse than terrible weather.
You know what I mean, right?
I’m talking about lava.
Bad weather rolling toward me is never as bad a rivers of molten magma.
I hate everything about lava.
In fact, the only thing worse than lava is maybe lava in a blizzard.
Don—Pittsburgh, September 30, 2023

4 Responses


November 01, 2023

HAHAHA love the blog


October 16, 2023

Great, now I feel even more paranoid about living in the soggy, volcanic Pacific Northwest. Just add earthquakes …


October 09, 2023

Can’t argue with truth!

Lin Z

October 09, 2023

This makes for the QUESTION: Which would happen, the magma cause the snow to create large lakes or the snow create wonderful magma land statues to climb FIRST? And of course the trolls would be riding the dinosaurs at a fastest possible pace!

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