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FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more


5 Easiest Gifts To Wrap

Thinking about holiday gifts? And dreading wrapping those holiday gifts? If you struggle with uneven sides, disobedient tape, and pesky paper cuts, fear not. Below are the top 5 suggestions for the easiest gifts to wrap. 


Coming in at #5 are any of the Calamityware jigsaw puzzles! The tops of each box⎼Apes and Aliens, Rogues Gallery, and Lackluster Circus⎼are so colorful that there is no need to wrap the box, at least not all of it. Just slap on a're done. We can’t all be Martha Stewart.



Number 4 is Creature Comfort Playing Cards. You won’t use much wrapping paper, and for some inexplicable reason, rectangular items are easier to wrap than square ones. If you are near the end of the roll and mess up, you can try again. Or just go with it. C’mon, your brother is getting a gift from you, and you have had to put up with him for your entire life. It’s not like he’d wrap it any better. Or get you a cooler gift.


After you have incorrectly cut and measured your 23rd piece of wrapping paper and have no fewer than 7 small, random-sized pieces of paper left, our #3 suggestion comes in handy, Calamityware pins! These gems (not real gems!) come in four varieties⎼Dubious Musician, Zombie Poodle, Pagoda Cat, and Gingerbread Gallop⎼and each tiny wonder can easily fit in a small square, triangle, or whatever shape your remaining pieces of paper are. What could be easier to wrap?


Coming in at #2 are the Beast Bowls, but only when you give them to your beasts directly. Neither Rover nor Smokey is going to care if you wrap that beautiful bowl; they just want what is in there. So maybe spring for some fancy stuff this December. Actually, your beasts probably won’t care about fancy treats unless your pet’s name is Princess, Fifi, or Cherise.


And the #1 easiest gift to wrap is the Dino-Shopper Grocery Bag because not only do you not need to wrap it, but it also can (and should serve) as a double gift, once you put something in there. If you really like your gift recipient, you can throw in a Calamityware product for an extra awesome gift. If this is for your kid’s teacher, might we suggest a bottle of wine for putting up with little Jack. You really are a great gift giver!

Happy wrapping! Here’s to doing very little of it.

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November 14, 2021

Exceptionally thoughtful and considerate… No one ever thinks of us, the gift givers!

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