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Scorpions in your shoes?


Before I put on my shoes, I check for scorpions. You should too.

My technique is to hold each shoe with the toe pointing up and to thump the heal firmly on the ground a few times to dislodge any scorpions that have concealed themselves inside my footwear. I urge you to employ my method.

The danger is real
Many people scoff at this precaution. Some think scorpions pose no danger. But the fact is that scorpions are predatory arachnids with venomous stingers. Just look at any scorpion and you can see that it has a bad attitude. Scientists point out that 25 species are deadly to humans. Why take a chance?

More likely than you think
Other people see the threat but speculate that the probability of a scorpion attack is low. They point out that scorpions aren’t native to Pittsburgh, where I live. Sure, but what about the scorpions that escape from the zoo or those that are nurtured by the crazy neighbors? Scorpions could also ride into your house on the bananas you bought at the market. And let’s not forget sinister assassination plots of nefarious enemies, right? 

Give your shoe a whack to prevent attack
Use the heel-thumping technique before you boot up. I have employed this protocol for nearly 30 years. How do I know it works? Because in that time I haven’t been stung once. So it must work.


PS: This technique also thwarts spiders.


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March 05, 2019

In islam we have been teached to shake shoe before waering them alhamdulillah


November 27, 2017

Thanks a lot! A good amount of content.

Carla Stine Rizkallah

September 12, 2017

The scorpion ? is the only animal that will commit suicide
If it is cornered !


December 22, 2016

We live in Central Texas, where there are scorpions, and my husband often travels to southwest Texas, where there are a lot of scorpions. He has used the boot-thump technique for over 50 years and it has saved him from stealthy scorpion attacks several times. Around here you also need to thump slippers, especially during the night. Meeting a scorpion up close and personal suddenly, in the dark, when you put your foot into your slipper, is NO fun. You are suddenly, distressingly, unpleasantly awake.


December 17, 2016

Scorpions do not survive in -23º. Not much does.


December 12, 2016

When I was younger my dad traveled a lot. I put plastic scorpions in his shoes one time before he left for South America to remind him that he should be checking for real scorpions. This was pre-9/11 but the airport security did not find it amusing so I’ve been told.


December 09, 2016

Hello Don et al, thank you for the public service announcement. I have been stung by a scorpion and can testify it’s no fun. It wasn’t in my shoe but in a piece of coral at the beach. I am a scorpio and never thought they would go for one of their own. Who knew?? And thanks to Gretl for the peppermint oil idea, I don’t mind spiders so much and my cat seems fond of the mice in a way the mice probably don’t appreciate, but I would like to discourage a mouse festival from happening and peppermint seems like a nice holiday treat anyway. Cheers!


December 08, 2016

The danger is most certainly real. I have a friend who had the little buggers consistently come up the drain into her bathtub!


December 08, 2016

My dad was stationed in N Africa in WWII, where he learned about boot heel-whacking and successfully thwarted several surprise attacks from the little dudes. Good advice. I was told that Peppermint Essential Oil repels rodents and spiders. Since we live in the woods and this time of year both spiders and mice find our house irresistible, I decided why the heck not? I’ll give it a try. I bought an industrial vat of it and have been soaking cotton balls and hiding them all over the place. It works. We have no spiders or mice, and the house smells like we live a tube of Colgate. All good. Except for all those random cotton balls…

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