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What’s cookin’ for 2020?

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What’s cookin’ for 2020?

Most of the products in the Calamityware store start as Kickstarter projects. Here are some things I’m working on that might become Kickstarter projects in the new year.

As always, my predictions are likely to be wildly inaccurate. The freedom to start new projects, procrastinate, change my priorities, and put work on the shelf are some of the reasons I love my self-inflicted projects.

BADbandana 6: Pizza Dragons. I’ve been working on a red bandana design decorated with pizza-loving dragons. I hope this can be a Kickstarter project in January 2020. A great way to get the new year off to a hot start. (Became an active Kickstarter project on January 5.)


Big TCBW Mug. Been working on a prototype of a really big version of the Things-Could-Be-Worse mug. Finally think the handle is right and all the production difficulties are solved. This could be an ideal project for people who prefer a BIG beverage. Also been investigating the notion of a porcelain travel mug.



New Jigsaw Puzzle.
 Now that all the original puzzles are gone, it might be time to create a new jigsaw puzzle design. My previous manufacturer closed down but I think we’ve finally found a good workshop to make them. So, I’ve been auditioning characters. 


Bug-Out Bag. Been sketching some ideas for a zippered tote bag for overnight get-aways or other escape plans.


Beastly Bowls.
 How about a set of porcelain bowls especially for your favorite pets—cats, dogs, bunnies, capybaras, pythons? Still a lot of work to do, but this could become a project before the year ends.



Letterpress print. I like the idea of doing another letterpress print to pep up someone’s art collection. Several different themes are competing for my attention right now—traffic, dinosaurs, space travelers, megaphones, robots, maps, and troglodytes. If one of them floats to the top, that could make a fun Kickstarter project in 2020.


Textiles? I’ve been exploring some new ideas for patterns that could make unusual scarves, ties, or other textiles. Might make some colorful additions to 2020.


Another book? I’ve noticed that bad guys don’t seem to be as good as they once were. So, to help, I’m working on an illustrated career guide for villains. It’s going very slowly because other projects keep eating up my time. Some good news? Readers will be delighted to know that this book will not include any poetry. Yeah!



Other potential projects include more tea cups, a blanket, cloak of invisibility, and anti-gravity boots. Watch for email updates as the year advances.

I’m still exploring the zone where products are beautiful, utilitarian, and funny. I hope you’ll find something I’m doing worthy of your support. But I plan to keep up the effort, whether anyone is behind me or not.

Don—Pittsburgh, December 27, 2019

Comments on this post (144)

  • Mar 26, 2020

    Wondering if fabric to purchase by the yard might be affordable? Would love to make my own creations with your fun prints, love the red background with frogs and flies!

    — Lisa

  • Mar 24, 2020

    Tea cups and saucers to go with the teapot, sugar & creamer!! Please?! Definitely want to know about the Kickstarter for these!

    — Sharon

  • Mar 23, 2020

    seconded on tea cups & saucers
    love the idea of a travel mug and/or water bottle – popular manufacturers like Yeti will collaborate on custom printing
    soft furnishings – shower curtains, blankets, mats (door or mouse), cushion covers, bedding, towels (kitchen & bath), would be awesome with your designs
    More t-shirts please -especially when the clothing colors continue the blue and white theme.
    Would love to have an ‘ugly christmas’ shirt from you

    — Anita

  • Mar 22, 2020

    Seconding the doormat and Travel Mug ideas!

    - Elizabeth

    — Elizabeth Maciel

  • Mar 22, 2020

    New jigsaw puzzles STAT! Pretty please?

    — Jennifer

  • Mar 22, 2020

    Wrapping paper or tissue paper
    Fabric (for folks to make their own pillows, curtains, even slipcovers or lampshades)

    — Melanie Adams

  • Mar 22, 2020

    I would love to see oven mitts and pot holders, especially in Pizza Dragon, but any print would be awesome!

    I love the idea of pet bowls too. For mugs, I’d love to see larger mugs with flat, stable bottoms that are less easy to tip over.

    — Judy Carle

  • Mar 20, 2020

    Door mats to keep the riffraff away.

    — Audrey

  • Mar 17, 2020

    I love the frogs print! And our family enjoyed our puzzle time this past Christmas!!

    — Beth Zarra

  • Mar 15, 2020

    Crazy pug print!🥰🙏🏻

    — Terri

  • Mar 15, 2020

    Also, anything with dragons, cats or owls!

    — Sehoy

  • Mar 15, 2020

    Large China mugs, travel mugs, planters with dish underneath! Love your work!

    — Sehoy

  • Mar 14, 2020

    I have the tea cups…. love them! Would LOVE a travel mug!!! And Wall Art? Uummm, YES please! Would love to see some type of coasters and tea bag holders wink wink. I am enamored by your talent, creativity and artistry. Thank you for making me see that THINGS COULD BE WORST.

    — Ellen Joyce

  • Mar 10, 2020

    I have the set of TCBW bugs and would love a big mug or travel mug. If there’s not a virus on the mug yet, you could add one!

    — Kristy

  • Mar 02, 2020

    Someone mentioned rice bowls! That’s an amazing idea!! I will order those yesterday! Those frogs and flies on a bandana toss that on my order form also, along with the beastie bowl! I am already enjoying my cups, but have you entertained the idea of a beer mug?

    — Tina Salazar- Goff

  • Mar 01, 2020

    Would love to see more small plate options. I’m designing a plate wall around your zombie poodle plate.
    Thank you!

    — Kim

  • Mar 01, 2020

    I think I would really love anti gravity boots and a blanket

    — Amanda Kinsley

  • Feb 28, 2020

    I would like tea cups and saucers please! We have frequent tea parties and would use them all the time!

    — Wondercheese

  • Feb 28, 2020

    Tea cups and saucers are a necessity.

    — Pybal

  • Feb 27, 2020

    It has been brought to my attention that rice bowls (about 8 to 10 oz. size) would be a perfect addition to your faux Willow wear collection. Smallish rimless bowl to hold in your palm.

    — Carrie Achilles

  • Feb 24, 2020

    That scarf print looks beautiful! I’m a big fan of the strawberry thieves and plan to order one this week after Mardi Gras is over (many delays in the mail around this crazy city).

    — GaBriella

  • Feb 22, 2020

    Letterpress print

    — Inez

  • Feb 22, 2020

    The larger mugs would be perfect and the pet bowls sound great!

    — Pat

  • Feb 21, 2020

    ooh travel mugs and pet bowls!- I’m all in!

    — Jamie

  • Feb 20, 2020

    What’s not to absolutely love, humor is always welcome.

    I would love to see small deep bowls, without rims.

    Also, place mats. Love.
    Great line, please keep your imagination going forward.

    — Gingersnap

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