What’s cookin’ for 2021?

Most of the products in the Calamityware store start as Kickstarter projects. Here are some things I’m working on that might become Kickstarter projects in the new year.

As always, my predictions are likely to be wildly inaccurate. The freedom to start new projects, procrastinate, change my priorities, and put work on the shelf are some of the reasons I love my self-inflicted projects.


BADbanda 7: Peeved PaisleysAnother cotton bandana with a twisted translation of a traditional design. This time...paisleys that are peeved, annoyed, angry, miffed, and irked. Feels like this could be a Kickstarter project early in 2021.



Travel mugs Big porcelain mug to fit in a cup holder. Include a tight-fitting cap to reduce sloshing spills. I’ve been testing a prototype and find it serves perfectly. This could be a Kickstarter project in early spring.


Creature Comfort Throw Blanket. I’ve always wanted to adapt my design for the back of the Creature Comforts playing cards into a cotton throw. Something to curl up in for a nap on the couch. Imagine wrapping yourself in bugs, bats, and beasts for a nap. Bliss. We’ve found a workshop in Portugal that will weave gorgeous throws for us on a Jacquard loom. I hope this can be a Kickstarter project in late winter 2021. 




Beer Steins decorated with Calamity World coat of arms is the last thing the world needs. But I appear to be caving into pressures to make such a thing. Based on the problems I'm having just to get a prototype made, I suspect that this idea might be doomed, cursed, or hexed.



Jigsaw puzzles. I have several designs in the works. One or two might make it to the finish line. First, there’s a picture gallery of improbable portraits. Then, I’ve got to do something funny with all those dogs I have been drawing. That doesn’t even include the upside-down diner, the playground full of creepy aliens, or the world’s worst circus.



Troll Bowl. I just love the title. I’m thinking I need a really big bowl for popcorn, chips, or a fatal serving of ice cream. Big enough to bathe a dozen gerbils. I’ve completed a preliminary design that includes trolls, goblins, lawyers, and worse. The workshop is producing a prototype and if it turns out okay, this can be a Kickstarter project before the end of 2021. 



Letterpress print(s). I’ve started work on several ideas that might make charming prints. Potential themes include the four seasons, pet tricks, and hazmat fashion tips. The discouraging thing about doing prints is that I must sign them. Thinking about that task encourages procrastination.



Books. I have two ideas for illustrated books that are competing for my attention. Both could be a vital public service to our confused civilization. Plus they both offer me excuses to draw plenty of absurd characters doing preposterous things. Good news. Neither of these ideas will inflict more of Don’s poetry on anyone. Yeah!



Patterns. There are bound to be a few new textile patterns in 2021. There are already some tea towels in the works and it might be fun to do another quilted cotton bag or backpack with an absurd new pattern.


Other potential projects include tea cups, hazmat suits, snowshoes, ornaments, magic wands, astrolabe, gravy boat, and pet disguise kits. Watch for email updates as the year advances. Naturally, you might feel tempted to write and tell me which products you want me to work on. Go ahead. But don’t expect an individual reply and don’t expect me to actually shift my priorities just because you want a cummerbund.

I draw every day. I’m exploring the zone where products are beautiful, utilitarian, and funny. I hope you’ll find something I’m doing worthy of your support. But I plan to keep up the effort, whether anyone is behind me or not.

Don—Pittsburgh, December 28, 2020

Copyright 2020. Don't duplicate without permission.

100 Responses


August 05, 2021

I would love to buy a Troll Bowl and a travel mug for my dearly beloved son who has a similar wacky and dark sense of humour. I already know he just loves Calamityware.
But I don’t understand this kickstart business.
You need to have the money upfront before it gets manufactured?
I am not on Facebook and never ever will be. So that is an additional obstacle to securing these gifts , I guess. ❓. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Cheerio from Canada

Loretta Scott

June 21, 2021

I would like to submit a nomination for a reusable water bottle with the TCBW print. Thank you for all the creative things you share with us!

Katrina in NH

May 14, 2021

I absolutely love setting the table for company, using my full set of Calamityware — sometimes the guests are so interested in the different plate designs, the food starts to get cold. And, the expression on new guests’ faces when I place a full bowl of homemade soup in front of them with the calm observation that there’s a fly in the bottom of the bowl? Priceless!

Stein, yes!

Troll bowl, yesyesyes!

I still yearn for calamitous fabric by the yard, so that I can sew myself custom covers for my countertop appliances, and cushions for my kitchen chairs. (Calamities are a given, in my kitchen, so I might as well decorate appropriately. ;-) )

And I also really love the idea of a vase, that I could use as part of my everyday living room decor. Back in February, Rosemary Race suggested a “scone vase”, and while I’m sure that a second ‘c’ escaped from that first word, now I have visions of a vase decorated with mad scones trying to eat each other, which is making me laugh — so, thank you, Rosemary! I needed that, today, more than I can tell you!


April 23, 2021

I adore the Guardian Dragons Stash (Cookie) Jars! I have two. One for green tea, one for black tea. (I drink a lot of tea.) How about matching graduated canisters for other dry goods? Like flour, sugar, coffee, spaghetti, macaroni (well, any pasta). And spice jars, enough for maybe 2? 4? ounces.
What I really like is that they’re square and straight-sided but have round tops for air-tight seals. Also the neat designs. Also the blue on white pattern.

I also have the pair of skedaddleosaurus bags. They go everywhere with me.
Thanks! Fleet


April 12, 2021

I stumbled across Calamityware maybe 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with your hilarious designs. I would LOVE to see the pirates on a giant vase, serving dish or cookie jar down the road!!! They are my absolute favorite. Keep up the excellent creativity!


March 29, 2021

Love the troll bowl. Hopefully its blue and white so it matches everything. Love it need more serving pieces. Hopefully there will another serving platter design soon. I’m loving the beer stein.

Suggestions: teacups and saucers, salt & pepper shakers, soup tureen, gravy boat and plate set. Just going by the other dinnerware sets I have.

Maureen Metcalfe

March 22, 2021

Peeved Paisley or Petulant Paramecia?? I’ll take 10, please.

My spouse and I use the Omnivore bowls for almost every meal. Yes, we have gained weight—how nice of you to notice…



March 22, 2021

Hungry for more:
Troll Bowls, please! B&W looks nice, but blue and white would match the Omnivore Bowls to fill from the Troll Bowl’s bounty making them a color-coordinated set, no?
Salt and Pepper shakers would be amazing! I’m imagining small cube-shaped, with a different calamity critter on each of the six sides — salt would have blue critters on white cubes, and black would have white critters on blue cubes. I’ll take at least two sets for my Calamity settings for twelve.
Gravy Boat, yes! Please consider a dish for the boat as well to protect surfaces from calamitous dinner guests, but I’ll take whatever you’re serving up!

Cheryl Dunn

March 08, 2021

I received one of the mugs yesterday as a birthday gift from a dear friend. This was the first I knew of Calamityware. I love my mug and the idea behind it. Keep up the drawing, Don! This world needs your talent and humor.


February 27, 2021



February 27, 2021

Long time fan, first time buyer. ;) Received my teaware and ADORING it! It’s the levity I need in this historically awful time.

Backed the Kickstarter for the travel mug as soon as I saw the message. Would love the beast bowl, considering the shower curtain, love the idea above for wrapping paper – I’d absolutely buy that (and considering the holiday mugs, but paper would be more useful to me in that print).

One more idea to consider: I’d wear a black and white square silk (or satin-y) scarf in the Things Could Be Worse-style print.


February 25, 2021

I love your sense of humor in art. It would be so awesome if you would draw bandanas or cups with the “Kraken”. 2021 has been such a “Kraken” of a year. I love your robots. I went to get my Covid shot recently & then we drove to a local restaurant to get a cold drink. In N.M. we don’t “dine in” during this Covid shut down, we do drive ups. A robo voice took our order but that was it… no directions to drive forward, so finally we drove forward to the window, a kid opened the window to tell us: “We’re not open yet, we open at 10:00.” The robot didn’t take our order… it lied to us…. we drove away laughing like crazy. There are also Sasquatch & U.F.O’s here in New Mexico (not to mention other wild Crypto animals.) Your Squatch on the mugs is too cute. We take our “calamaties” really serious, here in New Mexico, & your art really makes me smile, (during a time when smiles are absolutely needed to cope with the intense shut downs from Covid.)

Rosemary Race

February 22, 2021

I drew my neighbours tiniest Hebe structure petal yet when I look at it it reminds me of seaweed!

Your designs are carelessly funny weird and waisted – belt would be nice, headband, cap, shoe laces, socks, scone vase, backpack, lampshade, bookmark, bangle, ripped towel edge, bathmat, sew on patch, shoes with toe ends upright like me!


February 22, 2021

I’ve been trying to wean myself away from Kickstarter and then today I ran across the travel mug on KS. I love it! Of course, I had to look at the rest of your Calamityware. I’m hooked. And “lucky” that so many of my favorites are ‘sold out’. If it hasn’t been suggested, in these times of covid 19 pandemic, how about a calamity-laden face mask? (with pattern similar to the one on the travel mug)


February 15, 2021

Oh! So many lovely things to look forward to! Puzzles and beer steins are the top of my list. And a throw! Cosy up with a throw! Also… troll bowl for the popcorn to go with the beer when we are doing the puzzles!

Heather Benes

February 15, 2021

Troll bowl, beast bowl, and travel mug please.

Julie B.

February 15, 2021

Building on what Carl B. suggested, latte bowls would be fantastic. And a salt pig would be a great addition to your line.

Kris O'Meara

February 15, 2021

Ever thought about adding a soup tureen to the collection? I think it would look fab next to my cookie jar and tea pot….and cups…etc.

I would LOVE a soup tureen, although I’m not sure if they are used much anymore. Just a thought.



February 08, 2021

Troll bowl I need it.

Hopefully one day you will make a teacup and saucer set. That would be perfect and would complete the tea set.

Lee W

February 08, 2021

Throw blanket , Travel mug and new tea towels are all MUST HAVES!! A Beer Stein is a Dream Gift. Troll bowl also. All great ideas!


February 08, 2021

Okay, the throw but as an office rug would be freaking amazing.

Gloria Rose Koepping

February 08, 2021

I love the vase idea plus how about making some wrapping paper for birthdays or Christmas? Thanks for your consideration.

Cherie Mascis

January 22, 2021

Troll bowl please! Fatal servings of ice cream are sometimes necessary during this crazy time!

Donald J. Jackson

January 22, 2021

Not that you need more ideas, but might I suggest a nice, glossy, 12-month wall calendar featuring some of your fave designs/creatures/artworks? I would be willing to part with good money for those every year. And, as gifts (or just hanging them where lots of people would see them), it would be a great way to spread Calamity amongst friends, family and coworkers.

Patricia J Noud

January 20, 2021

Mmmmm… I likes the “Troll Bowl” Keep on it…you are
“one, crazy guy”!

Louanne Nicotra

January 20, 2021

Love it all!
If I win the lottery I’m buying one of each!

Clark Richardson

January 18, 2021

Ahhh, looks like I have to wait another year for a large tumbler or two. Great stuff though.


January 15, 2021

I had seen postings of calamity ware and was delighted to get two mugs and a cookie jar for Christmas. The puzzles look wonderful and museum store worthy. Personally I think a line of decorative tiles would be fantastic. The red designs are lovely too so maybe a set of four in blue, red, green, black……Cheers.

Patricia Butterworth

January 15, 2021

Your blog is both informative and hilarious, at the same time. I am looking forward to the future to see what it brings to Calamityware!

Erin L

January 15, 2021

Travel mug! I’m so excited about this prospect and already nervous that I’ll break it somehow.
I do love the idea of salt and pepper now that people have mentioned it.


January 15, 2021

Pet disguises please! What fun!


January 11, 2021

I want that troll bowl and beer stein.

I truly hope you do teacups and saucers one day.


January 11, 2021

Microbes yeah!
Troll bowl yeah!

When are the beast bowls arriving? My beast has been waiting.


January 11, 2021

Maybe at some point, maybe, cat and dog stuffed toys, dog collars, dog leashes and/or dog sweaters/sweatshirts? Have to admit that I see lots of must-haves pretty much every day on the site and in the potential upcoming projects. . . . Carry on, team!

Lee Toy

January 11, 2021

I personally detest paisley, which is why I must have peeved paisley everything.


January 11, 2021

A travel mug and a back pack?! Score! I also love the peeved paisley idea, particularly as a long scarf or a ’90s-inspired short-sleeved button-up (you know, so I can roll up the sleeves!). Channel the cummerbund request to fuel your fury!

Sara Davis

January 04, 2021

Just whatever you do, don’t fire your copywriter. If you, Don, are the copywriter, please keep up the excellent work and I promise to continue reading your words. (I’m a copywriter myself and I doubt that very many people besides the proofreader actually read my words, so that’s a pretty big-deal promise on my part.)


January 04, 2021

I’m another person who would love a travel mug and throw blanket. Also, I LOVE your puzzles. The more the better, I’ll buy them! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with the world!

Alison Hull

January 04, 2021

Yoga Leggings! The world needs them!

Elizabeth Rowe

January 04, 2021

Will be watching the email box for the Troll Boll to hit kickstarter.

When you get bored :) I’d like to see small serving pieces—salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, gravy boat.

And yeah, textiles like small tablecloths, placemats, napkins—or just sell me the yard goods, and I’ll turn them into cushions myself.

And for something really wild? Bedsheets, with tentacles and zombie poodles and anything your wonderful imagination dreams up.


January 04, 2021

These all sound wonderful! I collect salt and pepper shakers and would LOVE to see that in the future as well!


January 04, 2021

I gave every member of my family a Things Could Be Worse mug for Christmas. It was their favorite gift!! Plus I bought one for me too and am currently drinking coffee from it. I am excited about the travel mug, Troll bowl, throw and beer stein…hell, just send me one of everything and I vote yes for a tablecloth too!! Happy New Year!

Carl Buxbaum

January 04, 2021

Hey, I am a fan of Italian restaurant quality espresso and cappuccino cups. If you are not already familiar, take a look at the Illy collection. I would definitely purchase a set of something similar, but only in restaurant porcelain, and probably not something from East Asia. If HLC (Homer Laughlin Company) could do it here in the US, would go for that as well. The classic espresso cup manufacturers are IPA and Ancap in Italy, HLC here (although not that popular), and ACME in China – very popular, but I don’t think they do contract printing. IPA does a lot of custom cafe work in the non-Illy shape as well. The other company that does custom work, which is less traditional, but very highly respected and intriguing design from shape perspective is Not Neutral. Manufactured in East Asia I am sure, but of the highest quality.

If you produced a set, I imagine you could partner with Cafelat or another small exhibitor to have your product at the next Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans next September.

Cheri L

January 04, 2021

Can’t wait to see what I will be buying this year!



January 04, 2021

I found your wonderful site and products after some of the BADbanda’s had apparently been sold out. Are you considering another run of the ones that are no longer available? In the meantime, I love paisley and look forward to that one with great anticipation. The travel mugs, the troll bowl, and the throw are also of great interest… I’ll be saving up!

Amy Tannehill

January 04, 2021

I’m a paisley lover, so I’d like to see peeved paisleys! Also, the throw, travel mug, improbable portrait jigsaw puzzle, and the microbial print!


January 04, 2021

i vote for a vase to add to my calamityware collection, as well. i do so appreciate and admire your creativity and talent. all of your projects are quite remarkable. thank you for sharing your artistry. cheers to you and happy new year! xox m.


January 04, 2021

I absolutely love the octopus in the kiddie pool. My family would tell you that it reminds them of me. My kiddie pool is my favorite place to be with a book in the summer. (And I’m not a young person. ) 😆


January 04, 2021

“Beautiful, utilitarian, and funny.” Yup. That’s what we like!


January 03, 2021

Love, love all of your designs and gave away the holiday cups as Christmas gifts. Would love a tote or purse with the frogs, or any other amphibian or reptile! Can’t wait for the throw, backpack, troll bowl and travel mug!
Happy 2021!
Jenn Hutchins
Manassas, VA

Sally Bradshaw

January 03, 2021

Your fashion sense,
The universe having thus far conspired to keep me from enjoying Beardsley prints on which the protagonist rocks facial hair, perhaps you + 2021 will provide my fulfillment.
…I put down to experience.


January 03, 2021

The troll bowl sounds amazing!! Would you consider it in plastic so when the troll gets angry and throws it, it doesn’t break? Thanks!!



January 03, 2021

I desperately need a Calamityware vase! Blue and white!!!

Robin Simons

January 03, 2021

I’d like face masks


January 03, 2021

I LOVE the microbe / organism print! On grocery totes or tea towels. And the peeved paisleys is awesome too! Love it all!!

chelsea shay

January 03, 2021

Troll bowl! A big yes!

Hoping pet dishes come to website soon .


January 03, 2021

I’m in for a travel mug. Very fun! The throw looks great too. I would be interested in printed cloth for sewing.

Kathy Puffer

January 03, 2021

The travel mug, absolutely. The tea cups would happily satisfy my wish for small cups for sorbet or sherbet.


January 03, 2021

Travel mugs and throw blankets?! You’re a mind reader, Don!
I dearly hope I check my email when these good good goods make it out into the world. <3

Kathryn White

January 02, 2021

I am still hoping that you will do a set of Calamityware dishes for children! My grandchildren are quirky little souls, and would love the designs that you create.


January 02, 2021

Lifelong paisley pattern addict here; please make peeved paisleys. Paisley goes in and out of fashion for everyone else. It’s always the bee’s knees for me.
Thank you!


January 02, 2021

Love the improbable portraits. The characters look amazing. I’d love to put drinks on top of a set of coasters.


January 02, 2021

Love all the ideas but butter dish , pet bowl and travel mug all sound wonderful. And dish towels yes!


January 02, 2021

Troll bowl— but it’s gotta be big! Actually all the ideas are great.

A nice toile print would also be fun — that would be cool on so much: sheets, table linens, wallpaper, clothing, etc.


January 02, 2021

Rustic coffee mugs with scary forest animals would be awesome.


January 02, 2021

I love the idea of a travel mug! And the troll bowl! Dooo it!

Betsy Clark

January 02, 2021

Such great ideas, Don! Travel mug is a must and the cotton throw sounds luxurious! I’d love a calamity butter dish and puzzles are very welcome! Can’t wait for the 2021 surprises!


January 02, 2021

A set of tea cups would accompany the teapot so well! Looking forward to 2021’s calamities.

Mahometan & Celestial LLC

January 02, 2021

We’re all in for the astrolabe, just so long as its tympan is valid for 45 degrees. Seriously.

Susan Pinsonneault

January 02, 2021

Everything you make calls my name, although fortunately at varying volumes. But I think that throw looks like it might be for me instead of a present for someone else. (Okay, maybe a present too, but only after I get mine!)

Personally, if a new book does not include your poetry, I will be a little disappointed.

I continue to resist your jigsaws (the new house is smaller than the old one), but am weakening. “If you are a decent person . . .” ;-)

Best of the new year to all of you!


January 02, 2021

my wish list for all things calamity is….drum roll please…..: tablecloth. my plan right now is to stitch together some bandanas for the small kitchen table……


January 02, 2021

All of them seem great. I’m super excited about a travel mug & the troll bowl. The beer stein would make a great gift. Thank you for being so creative <3


January 02, 2021

Love the travel mug idea and would buy some for gifts for sure!


January 02, 2021

I’m very excited that teacups could be a future project!!!
A cake stand would be a fun idea, as well.


January 02, 2021

The textile design is delightful – would love to see it in tea towels, other kitchen linens (placemats, tablecloths). Perhaps other colors, too, to mix & match. And the Troll Bowl could be very useful! How about a coloring book featuring your creations?


January 02, 2021

The Peeved Paisleys just made me swoon, but I love it all! (By the way, I’ve had a ball with the yardage I’ve ordered of your designs on Spoonflower. THANK YOU!)

Lori D. Levan

January 02, 2021

Fabulous ideas and the troll bowl sounds awesome!!! If you do a gravy boat then you must do a butter dish with salt & pepper shakers too—what a set that would be! I’m so glad I found Calamityware, but I’m still hoping for bigger t-shirts for those of us who need more room! Can’t wait for the Beast Bowls in the mean time!! Happy New Year!!!! Lori Don Levan


January 02, 2021

Sign me up for the cozy blanket and anything with a “world’s worst circus” theme. Circuses are inherently awful, so I can’t wait to see your take!

Lee Donohue

January 02, 2021

Travel mug and troll bowl, but jigsaw and books are close 3rd and 4th. Keep drawing and plotting.

Laurie Lawson

January 02, 2021

All ideas sound terrific. Keep going Don. Happy 2021, what could go wrong?

Margaret Menningen

January 02, 2021

Thanks for all your great Calamity designs. I love the new textile pattern with microbes! And while you’re arranging manufacturing the “Peeved Paisley” bandana could you PLEASE bring back the blue “Angry Paisley” BADbandana? PLEASE? I would love to wear it! I would also love the tea cups to go with my teapot set!

Sandy Radeke

January 02, 2021

Yes to the troll bowl and anything else with lawyers on it. I’d also be down for the travel cup.


January 02, 2021

Troll bowls,angry paisley and jigsaw puzzles…oh my!

Claudia P. Hinkle

January 02, 2021

Still think beer Stein would be fantabulous‼️
Give it 6 mo. & try again?

Bobbi Wahlstrom

January 02, 2021

Love your ideas! I would definitely be up for the travel mugs, jigsaw puzzles and who knows what else! Love your sense of humour and your quirky imagination 😃


January 02, 2021

We need new plate designs, I have more 12 people at a dinner party. It would be wrong to have matching plates!! The fighting that would ensue would be disastrous.


January 02, 2021

Calamityware tiles – need to make a backsplash in the kitchen….

Corlis Robe

January 02, 2021

I would be willing to order a travel mug, sight unseen, for even the chance of accelerating its production process.
And a Troll Bowl.
I begin to wonder if the sister who gave me my first calamityware mug is secretly on your payroll…


January 01, 2021

I would jump at a cross stitch pattern. Something that looks like a sampler. Longdog sampler has some good designs, but yours would be great fun to do.


January 01, 2021

Can we get a 20oz. version of the Xmas mugs? Pleeeeeease???

Mary Mages

January 01, 2021

Peeved paisleys? Too wonderful! So Victorian proper – not! Yes please.

Claire Phillips

January 01, 2021

Travel mug? I’m in!!!

Stacy Cohen

January 01, 2021

PLEASE make a travel mug!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! And little to no plastic parts, please!

Kristina Desmond

January 01, 2021

Jigsaw puzzles sound awesome.


January 01, 2021

Stress balls please!


January 01, 2021

Troll bowl (3-4 liter size would be perfect) and travel mug—YES!!

Miranda Haley

January 01, 2021

Oh yes please: travel mug, teacups, gravy boat, and aprons!!! I somehow missed the pet bowl kickstarter, so hoping we see those in the virtual shop this year! Thank you for all you do to keep the world’s collective sense of humor intact in these most calamitous times! <3

Ronna Dansky

January 01, 2021

Hello Don and team,

All the ideas for 2021 sound fabulous. The tea towel prospect makes my heart go pit-a-pat.

Happy New Year,


January 01, 2021

I love the troll bowl. Will be waiting.

Genevieve Conaty

January 01, 2021


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