White-Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

If you are participating in a white elephant gift exchange, we can help you up your game! Presenting the five best Calamityware white elephant gifts, each $20 or less, that you will not only be glad to show up with but that participants will also scramble to take home.


Santa hats are out, but BADbandanas are in! These cottony wonders can make for some fun headgear. But even better, when someone realizes the Christmas cookies have vanished from the dessert table, they will only notice the cool robots, dragons, or skeletons on your bandanas, not the cookies expertly hidden in this clever getaway vessel or the crumbs on your chin.


When Aunt Susan has had one too many hot toddies and things are out of control, you will be glad you ended up with the Monster Etiquette book, so you can bring some decorum to the evening. And if things get too bad, Stay Home: The Ugly Truth About Space Travel book will remind you why you should have never left your house to come to the party in the first place.


If tempers and temperatures rise during the exchange, you will be glad when you end up with a Flora, Fauna, and Aliens oven mitt or pot holder. Plus if you have to slap someone during a rousing exchange, the 100% cotton oven mitt and pot holders will soften the blow.


When you burn the ham this year, you just need to point to your newly acquired Things Could Be Worse apron to remind them that things could in fact be worse. And if you are still stuck in Zoom-land, ending up with the Things Could Be Worse apron can provide a fun clothing option instead of your usual raggedy sweatshirt. Pants are still optional!


When the exchange is nearly over, one lucky person could end up with some beautiful and often silly Calamityware notecards. The Hug notecards remind us of what so many of us have been missing these last 20 months. Let’s hug it out and enjoy the holidays!


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